Big Bass Fishing Rodeo and Fishtival

Since 1946

The 67th Annual Big Bass Rodeo & Fishtival and Boats on the Bayou was a raving success!

City Park Big Bass Rodeo drew 575 anglers. Here's how they finished:

Bass (Youth)

1. Joseph Finger, 4.59
2. Christopher Menard, 2.30
3. Jace Ouliber, 1.38

Bass (Adult)

1. Robert Meyers, 5.48
2. Phil Kent, 3.94
3. Mike Laviolette, 3.26

Junior Anglers

1. John Schwegmann, .31
2. Hunter Thomasie, .29
3. Hunter Eason, .28

Champions Challenge

Joel Stokes, 2.54

Fly Fishing

Gale Rhodes, 1.94 (bass)

Rio Grande Cichlids

1. Team Stop, Drop & Reel, .64
2. Team Johnson

Catch-a-Gar Bonus

Team Muchos Rio Grande, 3.54

The inaugural Boats on the Bayou division drew 89 kayakers. Here's how they ended up:


1. Joseph Grande, .25 (bream)


1. Ian Wiggins, 3.42


1. Steve Neece, 1.57

In 2015, New Orleans City Park will host its 68 annual Big Bass Rodeo & Fishtival and Boats on the Bayou, the oldest freshwater fishing rodeo in the country. Last year over 500 anglers sought largemouth bass and other species hoping to earn bragging rights and a trophy. Unlike high caliber bass fishing tournaments, this nonprofessional rodeo provides fishing categories and activities for all ages and is a great time to enjoy springtime in the Park. 

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