Big Bass Committee and Contacts

Big Bass Fishing Rodeo
If you have questions or would like more information about the Big Bass Rodeo, Fishtival, or Boats on the Bayou, feel free to contact us.

Natalie Weiss, New Orleans City Park Special Events Manager - or 483-9417

Julie LaCour, New Orleans City Park Director of Special Events - or 483-9415

Rodeo Committee
Natalie Weiss, Co-Chair, Special Events Manager
Danica Williams, Co-Chair
Brodie Meche, Weigh Master
Becky Chaney, Asst. Weigh Master
Julie LaCour, Special Events Director
Capt. CT Williams, Emcee
John Kinabrew
Janice Wood
Missy Fox
Rebecca Hillebrandt
Alayna McGarry
Rudy Kalman, Jr.

Honorary Members
Kaye Florane
Mark Schexnayder
Joe Courcelle Family
Paul Kalman Family

LDWF Planning Committee
Heather David
Gary Vitrano
Bill Hano, Boats on the Bayou Weigh Master

Sue Manieri
Lisa Musso
Joey Musso
Bill LeJeune
LDWF’s Aquatic Volunteer Instructors



Dedicated in the memory of Angele M. Langles for her gift to the park, the Langles Bridge (1902) behind Casino Building is a popular for spot for wedding ceremonies and landscape painters. Angele and her mother died on the morning of July 4, 1898 when the French steamboat, La Bourgogne, sank after colliding with a British ship in the North Atlantic.