Ride Information

Carousel Gardens Amusement Park

Looking for information you need to know about amusement rides in Carousel Gardens? You're in the right place!

Train: This ride is great for the whole family! Like with any ride, any child over 36" must have a ticket.  On certain rides (listed below) any child under 36" does not need a ticket, but must be accompanied by a paid adult.  Due to the increased responsibility when riding the rides with  a small child, we consider "adults" to be someone at least 18 years old. There is 'stroller parking' for the Train ride only. (The daily train is closed and will resume operations on Tuesday, December 18, 2018).

Children under 36" inches are only allowed to ride 4 rides (with a paid adult).
Slime Buckets
Construction Zone

All other rides, children must be at least 36".  Some rides have higher height restrictions.

For the safety of our guests, height requirements are strictly enforced.

An attendant will measure all guests before boarding an attraction. Please have your child measured at the ticket window before purchasing a ticket or wristband.

Minimum 36" (unless accompanied by a paid adult)
Construction Zone
Slime Buckets

Minimum 36", Maximum 52"
Monkey Jump
Red Baron
Umbrella Cars

Minimum 42" (or 36" with a paid adult)
Wacky Shack
Fun Slide
Rockin' Tug

Minimum 42"
Coney Tower
Carousel (under 42" must ride with a paid adult)

Minimum 48" (or 42" with a paid adult)
Bumper Cars

Minimum 46"
Tilt-A-Whirl (or 36" with a paid adult)

Minimum 48"
Ferris Wheel (or 36" with a paid adult)
Scrambler (or 36" with a paid adult)
Train (under 48" must ride with a paid adult)

Minimum 52" (or 40" with a paid adult)
Ladybug Roller Coaster

Minimum 52" (or 48" with a paid adult)
Musik Express

Parents note: Children under 36” are allowed to ride on the Carousel, Train, Construction Zone, and Slime Buckets, with a paid adult. Children are not allowed to sit on laps on any amusement park ride other than the Train. Infants are only allowed on the Train or the Carousel with a paid adult.



The City Park mascot is Parker the Raccoon. (He loves having his picture taken!)