50th Anniversary of Earth Day” celebrate at home

Happy Earth Day Month! Even though we can’t celebrate together in the Park, our community can still make an impact. Join in with folks from around the world and pick a few things you can do in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. Picking a few outside activities will not only celebrate the Earth, it will help lower stress, anxiety and promote strong immune systems!

Are you taking a solitary walk under the oaks with your reusable water bottle? Or logging miles on your bike for the Love to Ride challenge? Are you plogging - jogging and picking up trash to help out and exercise? Are you teaching your child about our native critters? Are you spending some time reading instead of streaming? If you’re celebrating Earth Day in some way in the Park this month, we’d love to see your photos ! Post and tag:  #earthdayeveryday #neworleanscitypark

Here are some things you can do:
Mark your calendar for April 22, 2020 and plan to be a part of Earth Day Goes Digital! Sign up to get email alerts and stay in the know about all that will happen. “Over the 24 hours of Earth Day, EARTHRISE will fill the digital landscape with global conversations, calls to action, performances, video teach-ins and more.”

Calculate your Carbon Footprint
Want to take a few challenges in order to help out the Earth this month? Start by calculating your carbon footprint to see what the areas where you could make the biggest impact by making some small changes. “Humans use as much ecological resources as if we lived on 1.75 Earths. The Ecological Footprint is the only metric that compares the resource demand of individuals, governments, and businesses against what Earth can renew.” Answer a few questions on your lifestyle to see how many Earths we would need if everyone lived the way that you live. Once you know your impact, challenge yourself to make a few changes!

21 Ways to ‘Love the Boot’ from Keep Louisiana Beautiful:
Keep Louisiana Beautiful is a non-profit whose focus is on education, enforcement, awareness, litter removal and beautification. There are 39 affiliate organizations across the state and 35,000 volunteers that work to improve communities and transform public spaces. Though KLB has had to cancel their “Love the Boot Week,” a week of challenges and events that they worked hard to organize in honor of the 50th annivesary of Earth Day, they have replaced it with a list of “some activities to help us all feel connected to one another, our community, and our environment during this challenging time. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Start incorporating eco-friendly habits in your home and life.”

Pick an Eco-challenge to institute a few new daily habits in support of the Earth:
“Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day with a global community of changemakers. Dedicate your actions to Earth throughout all of April!
Earth Day Ecochallenge connects you to a global community of advocates and changemakers, each doing what we can, in ways that are most relevant to us, to make this great spinning dot we call home a healthier, more equitable, more sustainable place. Welcome to Earth Day Ecochallenge!”

11 Actions for the Planet during a pandemic
“...as we exercise our individual and collective responsibility to reduce viral transmissions to preserve human health, we can still exercise our responsibility to act for environmental health. We can use this solitary time to reassess our current habits and develop new ones that are better for the planet. Below are 11 ways to take action for the planet while social distancing — we hope they’ll stick, even after our global health crisis subsides.” 

Find Some Joy with Birds!
Are you an avid birder feeling cooped up and missing your regular birding walks in Couturie Forest? Or a novice that was hoping to add a new hobby to your spring weekends? Here is a way to still feel some connection to birds! The National Audubon Society has put together this "birdy care package" to help us all have some friendly, feathery distraction. Check out this site to see some sweet baby bird pics, watch some entertaining bird behavior videos, or use the live cam to spy on some sandhill cranes at Audbon's Rowe Sanctuary in Nebraska.

Or check out one of the live bird cams from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.


-Lindsay Kirsch, Environmental Program Manager