They’re coming! The Wildflowers are coming!


Everyone remembers last year's field of delicate orange flowers at the corner of Roosevelt Mall and Marconi. Great News -they'll be back this year ... times two!

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NOLA Bike To Work Day was FUN at City Park!

Some of our employees were able to participate

NOLA Bike to Work Day was launched in 2012 to raise awareness about the benefits of biking and about regional developments that are making biking easier and safer for riders.

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I ask you…what’s in bloom in City Park?

Azaleas in the Botanical Garden

What's in bloom in City Park, you ask? 

So many flowers, flowers, and more flowers! Spring is here and I'm sure you join me in being excited about that! Everywhere you turn in City Park you'll see and smell a variety of blossoms. 

A great place to visit to see colorful flowers is the New Orleans Botanical Garden. Click this link to get a taste...

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So the bees have a place to bee

While you're walking or driving in the Park - have you noticed some fields with small, yellow, seemingly-wild flowers? We're leaving them to grow for a while on purpose so the bees have a place to bee (get it, get it?). 

Click here to learn about 5 ways you can help the bees!

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Attention:  photo of cute ducklings! Spring has sprung!

Attention:  photo of cute ducklings! Spring has sprung!

It's full on spring-time at New Orleans City Park! We're seeing new buds on the trees and ducklings on the lagoons. Take a break from everything you have 'going on' and come recharge at the Park. We're here waiting on you...and so are the ducklings!

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