The Wildflowers are Blooming!

City Park is excited to announce the spring wildflowers have bloomed. For the sixth year in a row, the Park’s been fortunate enough to plant seeds and see the colorful blooms providing fields of wildflowers for the public. This year may be more important than ever with the need for outdoor respite and recreation during this challenging Covid-19 pandemic time.

This year, to bring a piece of the Park to...

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Migration is happening now!

April 22nd has passed, but we can still celebrate Earth Day - Go Check out some migrating birds! Migration is happening now! And we’re still enjoying beautiful April weather, so in honor of a continued Earth Day celebration, get outside! Whether you are an early morning riser, or a night owl, take a few minutes to check out the sky and see who is flying by!

Hawks and birds of...

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Earth Day

The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day is April 22, 2020!! If you want to celebrate or take some action from home, visit the 24 hour digital Earth Day celebration or 3 day Earth Day Live site April 22-24! From Earth Day Network: “On Earth Day 2020, we say enough is enough. We say we believe in science. We say that everyone can make a difference. We say that the protection of our planet and the wellbeing of the...

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50th Anniversary of Earth Day” celebrate at home

Happy Earth Day Month! Even though we can’t celebrate together in the Park, our community can still make an impact. Join in with folks from around the world and pick a few things you can do in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. Picking a few outside activities will not only celebrate the Earth, it will help lower stress, anxiety and promote strong immune systems!

Are you taking...

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Sign up for the Bike Easy “Love to Ride” challenge

Sign up for the Bike Easy “Love to Ride” challenge - and take some solo or family bike rides!

“This April everyone in Greater New Orleans is invited to join the Bike Easy April Challenge, powered by Entergy. It's a fun, free competition that helps get more people on bikes. In response to Covid-19, we want to help you stay active, feel connected and make the most of...

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