City Park’s Carousel is a Treasure

This photo was taken in the wee hours of early morning at the Carousel in City Park...all the animals were waking up!

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The sun lives in City Park!

Right in the heart of New Orleans, City Park's a place for all people to breathe and relax. It's a little chilly this morning, but those up early enough are treated to a light show by the sun.

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Google’s in the Park y’all!


Google's in the Park mapping out some more of our streets and attractions. Instead of the Google car, or Google photo trike, Matt's using the backpack version (seen here). If you see him around the Park today - say hey, Matt!

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Five years ago it snowed in New Orleans!

There are many people 'up north' currently getting snow but we here in New Orleans see snow only on rare occations. The last time it snowed in New Orleans was December 2008 and we will always remember fondly...the Park's oaks draped in white...the Celebration in the Oaks Santa Gator covered in snow...the 3 foot snowmen we were able to make! 

Want to see more photos of the Park in...

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Bring the kids! From 1 to 92! #CITO2013

Celebration in the Oaks is off to a great start!

What? You have yet to visit? Get out here! There's dinosaurs, butterflies, leprechauns, and a lochness monster in Bayou Metairie! Plus fun amusement rides including the mini train and historic Carousel. You won't want want to miss out - and you don't have to! Running each night from now till 1/4/14 (closed 12/24 & 12/31) - get your tickets online and join...

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