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Brown Pelicans are back in City Park for the cooler months

We're entering the chilly (kind of) months in City Park & you know what that means...the Brown Pelicans will call City Park home for a few months. Two were spotted in the past week (7 days). One was seen near the Administration building and a second on Big Lake [pictured here]. If you're looking for the Brown Pelicans there are 3 known places in the Park that the birds apparently like fishing or resting near: 1. Big Lake 2. The pier on Diagonal (near the center of the Park, just North of I610) 3. The lagoon near where Disc Golf meets the back of the Festival Grounds See them elsewhere around the Park? Let us know about them! And of course, take some great pictures to share with us. If you'd like to know more about the Birds of City Park, check out our Inside Guide: This photo was submitted by City Parker Todd. Have photos you'd like to share? Email them to

Beware! The lochness monster’s getting put into Bayou Metairie today!

Beware! The lochness monster's getting put into Bayou Metairie today! A tradition everyone loves to see each year at Celebration in the Oaks, we're excited to welcome the fun-loving holiday 'monster' back again this year. You can wave to Nessie as you zip by on the holiday train during Celebration in the Oaks.

It’s starting to look like Fall

It's starting to look like Fall around the Park. Have you noticed?

Progress! Construction!

Progress! Construction on the new Carousel Gardens Amusement Park concession building and restrooms continues. Three walls of the old shelter will be glassed in with the construction above providing new space for a kitchen. This should be finished in a few months.

Sunsets at the Park are incredible!

Sunsets are usually a wonderful site at the Park, but the one on October 19, 2013 was certainly a memorable one. Doesn't Big Lake look incredible?! We think so, too! This photo was sent to us via Twitter. If you'd like to follow us on Twitter, our handle is @NOLACityPark. Send us your photos - we love seeing them!

Morning at New Orleans City Park is a special time

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

City Park’s a home for everyone (or animal)

City Park's home to more than just trees and loved by more than just humans. Many animals live in the Park. The swans are always a crowd pleaser and when the weather gets chilly, the Brown Pelicans spend a few months here. And who can forget about the many City Park turtles who line up sunning themselves on a log on any given warm day. What animals have you seen around the Park? This photo was submitted to the City Park archives through our Facebook page by City Parker Jocelyn. If you'd like to submit photos, please do on our Facebook or email them to

Lichtenstein: A New Look For The Front of NOMA

As you enter the Park from the main entrance and drive down Lelong, you will notice construction in front of The New Orleans Museum of Art. The front area of the museum is getting a new look and at the center of the new look is a new piece of art. Construction on the site has been going on for weeks. Fueling speculation as to which sculpture will have a new home in the Park, black drapes are placed around the construction area. Been curious as to what work of art will be at the entrance to The New Orleans Museum of Art? The wait is over! The New Orleans Museum of Art announced today a major work called Five Brushstrokes by Roy Lichtenstein will be installed in front of NOMA by the end of 2013. Five Brushstrokes, 1984 (Fabricated 2010), is a gift of Sydney and Walda Besthoff and partial gift of the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation. 

Wildflowers at City Park

Don't miss the beautiful orange wildflowers at the Park! They are nestled between Roosevelt Mall and Marconi. You'll love 'em!

Spanish Moss and Resurrection Fern at City Park

Spanish Moss and Resurrection Fern are often found growing on the oaks of New Orleans City Park. Both plants are epiphytic. Epiphytic plants absorb all nutrients from the air and do not harm the tree that supports them.

Festivals at the Park!

New Orleans has earned a reputation for its booming festival season, and City Park is playing an increasing role in the city’s growing festival calendar. December 2012 marked the opening of New Orleans’ newest festival destination: the Festival Grounds, a 50-acre green space with sports fields, a bike path, acres of wetlands, an exercise area with hydraulic fitness equipment and more. Highlights of the grounds include five soccer fields and a one-mile, 18-foot-wide path for walking, biking and jogging. The Reunion Shelter, a covered, open-air structure, is powered by 65 solar panels.

For most of the year, the grounds are open to the public for recreational use. The Festival Grounds will be closed for ticketed guests during larger events, like the Voodoo Music Experience. This year the Festival Grounds will play host to The Louisiana Seafood Festival.

Fall is here! Almost…

Submitted by Rodney Thoulion, Executive Director of Friends of City Park

Fall is a magical time in City Park!  There is so much going on: Fall Garden Festival, the Scarecrow Trail, and Ghosts in the Oaks – just to name a few of the premier events of City Park.  And how can we forget the Voodoo Music + Art Experience.

With the change of the weather, the falling leaves bring to mind the change of the seasons that reflect the changes in our own lives.

Many times sit in City Park and think about the memories of times in City Park that I have shared with loved ones who are no longer with me. I also often try to recreate what the Park must have been like for my grandparents and ancestors who were here many years ago.  I think of the many people who sacrificed themselves to build this Park for our enjoyment.

I look around and see the treasurers of the Park both old and new and wonder what our predecessors would think of City Park today.  When I look around I see a wonderful blend of a by-gone era peppered with new attractions that brings new life. The Stanley Ray Playground next to Popp Bandstand or Morning Call moving into the Casino Building (built in 1912) are great examples of this.

Life around City Park may slow with the Fall and Winder seasons, but it never quite dies.  There is always something going on  and something around the corner. We're so lucky to be here in this Park right now!