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Get schooled on the new Little Red School House in Storyland

The construction on the new Little Red School House in City Park's Storyland has begun! We're so excited and we know you are, too! Sponsored by Entergy, this new Little Red School House replaces a smaller version seen below.

Single crawfish lookin’ for his home

Found today: a single live crawfish in City Park.

The little guy was found far from water in front of the Park's Administration Building at 1 Palm Drive. How he got there - we have no clue!

Saved by the Botanical Garden's Administrative Assistant and the Park's Media Manager, this crawfish will go on to live another day in his City Park home. They moved him into a large puddle of water under some oak trees where he flipped over repeatedly in the water and buried into the ground.

Searching for Mark Zuckerberg

As the new Major Gifts and Planned Giving Officer at City Park, I am searching for Mark Zuckerberg!

The Clydesdales call City Park home during Carnival

Each year the Police stables in New Orleans City Park is graced with the presence of the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales. They are large, beautiful and graceful animals. Check out this small video of one of the horses trotting for the happy crowd. Image Anheuser-Busch owns a total of about 250 Clydesdales, kept at various locations throughout the United States, are one of the largest herds of Clydesdale horses in the world.The horses travel in style in their own trailers. Image Three “hitches” or teams tour each region of the country, Midwest, East Coast and West Coast, for most of the year. The Police stables in New Orleans City Park currently house the East Coast Hitch. This is their 49th year participating in Mardi Gras. They bring 10 horses and 8 horses march in the Carnival parades. 2014 parades they will march in: Krewe d’Etat, Endymion, Bacchus, Argus During Carnival, if you are driving down Marconi near Harrison in the Park, you may see the horses exercising. Feel free to stop and watch - they are quite something! Sometimes their dog joins them in the play/exercise, too. If you take some good pictures please share them to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Fun Clydesdale facts here! The Clydesdale  blog here! Image

Here fishy fishy fishy…

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Our friends from Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries paid us a visit last week. They come to the Park with their seine net a few times each year to check for small fish and other water critters in order to determine the degree to which our lagoons are thriving. Thanks Wildlife and Fisheries!

A *secret* bridge called Goldfish

Goldfish Bridge

This stone bridge leading to Goldfish Island is called the Goldfish Bridge. It's been a part of City Park since it was built in 1902.

Have you visited it?

This bridge is the only way (by land) to visit the tiny Goldfish Island. From the bridge or the large cement bench on the island, one can view the Peristyle in all her splendor. It's also a great place to feed the ducks or fish in Bayou Metairie.

Want to know how to get to this 'secret' place? It can can be reached by walking through the Old Grove near Anseman Avenue. The Old Grove is the strip of land between Bayou Metairie and City Park Avenue. Many of the Park's oldest trees live here.

In 2013, the bridge was sponsored by the McLoughlin Family and underwent some masonry work. 

Learn more about the architecture in the Park on the Park's website:

Thanks to City Parker Trent for the great photo! 

Praline and Lad LOVE City Bark! Woof Woof!


It may not feel like it, but spring is right around the corner. I can tell you that all of these gray skies and chilly days are giving my dogs (and me) the blues. I've got the perfect solution! If you've never been to the City Bark dog park in New Orleans City Park, I promise you that it will only take one visit before you and your canine family members are hooked. Located on the corner of Zachary Taylor and Diagonal Drive, City Bark boasts a beautifully landscaped play area with hills for running, a sandy area for rolling around in, and assorted “tubs” to lounge. There’s also a separate area for small dogs, in case the little dogs get a little overwhelmed! When your dogs are finished playing, there is a convenient wash area where you can get your dog cleaned up and ready for the ride home. For the humans, there are sheltered picnic tables, restrooms, and soda machines. Lad is my little Sheltie mix. He’s all of 20 lbs and his nickname is 'Rocket Lad'. He’s super-fast and City Bark is his favorite place in the world! When I tell him we’re going, I have to step back and wait a few minutes as he gets so excited. He absolutely quivers with excitement and jumps straight up and down in the air, twisting his body around like a circus dog, for about 30 seconds. When he can compose himself and can sit for 5 seconds, I put his leash on him. (One more step closer to the dog park.)

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve got a LOVE for ART!

LOVE by Robert Indiana

Happy Valentine's Day! 
Got a LOVE for art? Between the art around the Park, the Botanical Garden, NOMA, and the Besthoff Sculpture Garden - City Park's got you covered! 

You can see this beauty by artist Robert Indiana in the Sculpture Garden. The Peristyle is over 100 years old and was specifically built for parties! Close your eyes, hear the music, and think of the fais do dos of past and present!

A little Tree History for you today…

Hello City Park friends! I’m Linzey and I’ll be your guest blogger for the day.  I’ve worked at City Park for almost 6 years as the Grants Manager and if there’s one thing I’ve learned a lot about, it’s trees.  There are more than 20,000 trees at City Park and they range from the tiniest saplings planted last week to the immense live oaks standing tall for more than 800 years!

A lil’ history for the day…Built in 1902, this is the Pichot Stone Bridge…

Pichot Stone Bridge

Built in 1902, this is the Pichot Stone Bridge. This rough-hewn cobblestone bridge was dedicated in the memory of Henrietta M. Leonie Pichot for her gift of $192.00 in 1901 to City Park. Looking for it in modern day City Park? Coming down Dreyfous, it's on your right before you cross Anseman Avenue. It leads to a tiny peninsula of land overlooking Bayou Metairie. There is water underneath this bridge only sometimes (depending on how high the bayou is at the time).