Brown Pelicans are back in City Park for the cooler months

We're entering the chilly (kind of) months in City Park & you know what that means...the Brown Pelicans will call City Park home for a few months. Two were spotted in the past week (7 days). One was seen near the Administration building and a second on Big Lake [pictured here]. If you're looking for the Brown Pelicans there are 3 known places in the Park that the birds apparently like fishing or resting near: 1. Big Lake 2. The pier on Diagonal (near the center of the Park, just North of I610) 3. The lagoon near where Disc Golf meets the back of the Festival Grounds See them elsewhere around the Park? Let us know about them! And of course, take some great pictures to share with us. If you'd like to know more about the Birds of City Park, check out our Inside Guide: This photo was submitted by City Parker Todd. Have photos you'd like to share? Email them to