Kidcam at City Park

This is the last week of Kidcam camp at City Park. City Park does not run its own camp but instead rents out space in the Amusement Park to a company that runs camps all over the south. That company is Kidcam. Founded in 1974, Kidcam’s mission is to promote children’s physical, social, and educational well-being with a safe, fun-filled camp environment that they will want to return to every summer.

My two girls have spent the majority of their summer at Kidcam. They have spent a couple weeks at another camp and grandparents camp but the majority of the time here in the Park. For me, as I am City Park’s Major Gifts and Planned Giving Officer, this has been highly convenient but also a really great experience. An added benefit is that the camp is priced very reasonably compared to many of the other camps in New Orleans. They offer free before care and reasonably priced after care. They also have great hours from 7am-6pm. This is our first summer of camp and the girls loved it. Plus they come home happy and tired every evening!

Kidcam is located in the Birthday Cottages at the back of the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park. According to their website they offer, “A large menu of sports, recreational activities, kid-friendly attractions and natural beauty. City Park makes the ideal location for a KIDCAM summer full of adventure, fun friends, and memories to last a lifetime. Campers have access to the Amusement Park rides at scheduled times throughout the week, as well as to Storyland, the {Goldring Waldenberg}Great Lawn, a large playground area, and they swim weekly at Woodlake Country Club.”

The girls will surly miss camp and the many friends they have made but I know we will be back. If you are looking for a camp next summer I would give Kidcam a try. 

Written by:

Geneva Longlois-Marney, Major Gifts and Planned Giving Officer