Artists for RESPONSE – Artists In The Park

Artists in the Garden

Click here and click here to view images of the art (2 pages of art to view). With so many images on each of the 2 pages, please allow the pages to fully load before begining to scroll to see images. 

Participating Artists:
Scott Andresen 
Sarah Ball
Errol Barron
Ron Bechet
Jessica Bizer
Maggie Boudreau
Ralph Bourque 
Barbara Brainard
Kyle Bravo
Peter Briant
Dawn Brown
Nicole Charbonnet
Aaron R. Collier
Duane Couch
Steve Doherty
Troy Dugas
George Dunbar
Claude Ellender
AnnieLaurie Erickson
R. Tucker Fitz-Hugh
Skylar Fein
Alan Flattmann
Generic Art Solutions
Alan Gerson
Nurhan Gokturk
Joan Griswold
Brian Guidry
Shawn Hall
James Henderson
Ana Hernandez
Joan Hooper
Scott Howard
Horton Humble
Patricia Jones
Morgana King 
Kevin Kline 
Francesca Koerner
Dapper Bruce Lafitte
Beth Lambert
Erica Lambertson
Diego Larguia
Jenny Leblanc
Kaori Maeyama
Allison Mcashan
Mary Helen Seago Mason 
Cristina Molina
Mary Monk
Louis O. Morales
Christopher T. Morgan 
Kenny Morrison
Grover Mouton 
Auseklis Ozols
Gina Phillips
Pat Phillips
Jeffrey Pitt
Alex Podesta  
Cleland Powell 
Lala Rascic
Rontherin Ratliff
Jim Richard
Jeffrey Rinehart
Phil Sandusky
Rhenda Saporito
Christopher J. Saucedo
Max Seckel
Richard Sexton
Aaron Shipper
Zack Smith
Billy Solitario
Patch Somerville
Adrianna Speer
David Stassi
Miriam Stassi
Karen Stastny
Garth Swanson
Dan Tague
Nell C. Tilton
Tim Trapolin 
Jonathan Traviesa
Michel Varisco 
Zona Wainwright
John Isiah Walton
Carl Joe Williams



Did you know The Beatles played Tad Gormley stadium in 1964? A plaque in the stadium today serves as a wonderful reminder of the Fab Fourís visit.