Botanical Garden Teacher’s Resources

The People & Plants Expedition Discovery Pack!

Teachers, engage your students in learning at the New Orleans Botanical Garden!
Discovery Packs allow you to take your class on a fun and educational, independent trip through the Garden. The packs include supplies that the children can use to be junior scientists for a day, as well as our “People & Plants Field Guide” booklets, which provide activities and document their learning as they go. The packs are returned to the garden at the end of your trip, but students can take the guide booklets with them!

The activities in the People & Plants Field Guide cover a variety of fourth and fifth Grade Level Expectations (GLEs). There is a range of content areas covered so you can pick the activities that best meet your students’ needs, or do them all! These booklets can very easily be adapted for younger students as well so any elementary aged student can enjoy being a scientist at the Botanical Garden.

Each People & Plants Discovery Pack includes:
• 1 Backpack
• 30 Student edition People & Plants Field Guides (more available if needed)
• 2 Teachers’ edition People & Plants Field Guide (more available if needed)
• 2 Laminated NOBG maps. Use these to find the best locations for your activities!
• 30 Magnifying glasses
• 1 Pencil sharpener
• 1 Eraser
• 3 Pencils
• 2 Boxes of Crayons
• 1 Butterfly, Bird or Trees field guide
• 1 Garden insect field guide
• 1 Measuring tape
• 1 Pair of tweezers
** Please have your students bring a pencil to use!

Additional resources available by request:
• Scientific Observation Worksheet: Critters
• Scientific Observation Worksheet: Flowers
• Be a Detective: Evidence of Animals Worksheet
• Insect Scavenger Hunt
• Animal Scavenger Hunt
• Useful Plants Scavenger Hunt
• Rose Scavenger Hunt
• Leaf/Bark Rubbing Sheet

Reservations are required; to inquire or register your class for a People & Plants Expedition please contact Lindsay at (504)483-9470 or Cost is $4 per student. Teachers/Chaperones are free. Please plan to pay at the gift shop when you arrive for your expedition.

Discovery Packs can be picked up in the NOBG Gift Shop. We require that the teacher/chaperone in charge leaves their driver’s license with our gift shop attendant at the time of Discovery Pak pick up. The license is returned when the Discovery Pack and supplies are returned.

Teacher Self-Guided GLE Correlated Program (4th and 5th Grades)

The People Plants Expedition:  On this expedition, each student is a Guest Scientist and uses his/her own People and Plants Field Guide for exploring the Garden. The Field Guide is full of activities designed to encourage students to interact with the garden and experience how humans and plants interact and adapt to their environment. Students take notes on what they observe as they explore the garden. The Human Interaction with Plants Field Guide offers students a curriculum that promotes individual and group inquiry through an assortment of hands-on learning experiences.
Age group: 4th - 5th Grade

Class time: 2-4 hours

Class fee: $5/student, includes field guide and free teacher instructional field guide

Requirements: Class is limited to 40 students

GLE Correlated Programs
: Our GLE correlated programs are field trips geared towards 4th - 7th Grade classes. Each program is focused on topics pertaining to plants and environmental sustainability introduced within each grade level’s curriculum. The program emphasizes hands-on activities, student inquiry, and developmentally appropriate learning goals.
Sign your class up today for this exciting opportunity!

4th Grade
 Gardening 101:  Students experience a day in the life of a gardener and complete every stage of the gardening process in this “express” tour of the plant life cycle. From seed to harvest, this workshop integrates the subject of plant life and reproduction, and its place in ecosystems. We also discuss plants as the primary source of our food and raw materials.
Class time: 2.5 hours
Class fee: $6/student
Requirements: Class size is limited to 20 students.
(see bottom of this page for GLE Teacher Resource Download)


Hands-On Ecosystems:  Through creative and scientific activities, students explore the concept of food webs, adaptations, habitat, and the elements that create a flourishing ecosystem. Students strengthen scientific inquiry and presentation skills by observing, measuring, and drawing conclusions about a garden area of high biodiversity, and reporting findings to the group.
Class time: 2 hours
Class fee: $6/student
Requirements: Class is limited to 20 students
(see bottom of this page for GLE Teacher Resource Download)


5th Grade
 Research the Environment:  Everything we know about the world, we learned through the hard work of scientists. In this session, students go about the real work of conservation science. In a simulated scenario, students are given the project of determining whether an area of habitat is worth saving from encroaching development. Students learn about the emotional and practical sides of the problem, and draw their own conclusions.
Class time: 2 hours
Class fee: $7/student
Requirements: Class size is limited to 25 students.
(see bottom of this page for GLE Teacher Resource Download)


6th Grade 
Sustainability Stations:  In this session, students travel between stations in the garden and complete activities pertaining to four major aspects of sustainability: Locality and food security; recycling; inexhaustible energy; and renewable resources. Led by seasoned Botanical Garden volunteers, each station will give students a chance to think in-depth about ecological problems - and solutions - facing society.
Class time: 2.5 hours
Class fee: $8/student
Requirements: Class is limited to 30 students

(see bottom of this page for GLE Teacher Resource Download)


7th Grade 
Sustaining the Cycle:  This workshop focuses on the study of the carbon cycle to determine the effect human beings have on the environment. Students are introduced to the concept of biomes - the ecosystem, plus the nonliving things it depends on, its climate and topography, etc. Students examine the carbon cycle in action in one of our demonstration biomes, compare a natural cycle to one influenced by humans, and engage in critical conversation about the issue.
Class time: 2 hours
Class fee: $8/student
Requirements: Class size is limited to 30 students.


4th Grade Gardening 101

4th Grade Hands of Ecosystems

5th Grade The Enviornment

6th Grade Sustainability Stations



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