New Botanical Garden Entrance

Cultivate the Experience

The New Orleans Botanical Garden is one of the few remaining examples of public garden design from the WPA and Art Deco Period.  It has undergone dramatic improvements in the last 30 years and we have big plans for the future.

One of the major improvements is a new Garden entrance across from the Woldenberg / Goldring Great Lawn at the location of the C. T. Parker building.  With all the new developments in this area, including the Goldring/Woldenberg Great Lawn and Miniature Golf at City Putt, this new entrance will attract more visitors to the Garden and allow easier access to the Garden Study Center, where most education programs are held. 

The new garden entrance is comprised of six components:

A.  Victory Avenue Improvements – Colorful landscape plantings and a new sidewalk welcome visitors the new Botanical Garden and Storyland entrance along Victory Avenue. 

B. Entry Plaza – Directly across from the Goldring / Woldenberg Great Lawn, the new Entry Plaza greets patrons visiting the Botanical Garden and Storyland.  Gracious walkways from Victory Avenue to the Little Casino are bordered by paved areas with café seating.  These spaces are shaded by two existing live oaks and smaller ornamental trees.

C. C. T. Parker building Renovation and Expansion – The C. T. Parker building serves as the main entrance for the Botanical Garden and Storyland, with ticketing for both venues accommodated.  An information center for Park visitors, light refreshments and expanded restroom facilities are available.  An addition houses the expanded gift shop, and an adjacent exterior retail area includes space for plant sales, garden accessories and novelties. 

D. Arrival Garden – Upon entry into the Botanical Garden, visitors are welcomed by the interlocking bands of colorful plantings that surround the Arrival Garden.  A dramatic water feature offers audial and visual interest, while new benches, under the shade of the magnificent Gen Trimble Oak provide visitors with a comfortable seating area.  The Arrival Garden is partially defined by a sculptural “green wall” around the perimeter and serves as the starting point for two new main pathways:  one leading to the Cold Frame display area and one leading into the Conservatory Court and Enrique Alferez Sculpture Garden.

E. Conservatory Court – This garden will become the exterior entrance to an expanded conservatory.  Consisting primarily of a green lawn and small  trees, it will provide a clean cool contemporary feel for Garden visitors.

F. Enrique Alferez Sculpture Garden – Enrique Alferez was a Mexican-born artist and sculptor who spent much of his life in New Orleans.  His sculptures can be seen across the City and within the existing Botanical Garden and City Park. The Sculpture Garden serves as a permanent memorial to the artist who contributed so much to the New Orleans artistic community.  Mr. Alferez’s sculptures are set within large, sweeping curves of gravel, tropical groundcovers, and low shrubs. 

C.  C. T. Parker Building Renovation and Expansion Sponsorship Opportunities:

C. T. Parker Building (Name can be changed to that of the donor.) - $500,000.
(Term:  25 years)

The 4,500 square foot building will be an impressive new entry to both the Botanical Garden and Storyland.  It will also offer visitor information to Park guests.

Building Components:

1. Terrace - $50,000  (Term:  15 years.)
A beautifully landscaped outdoor space that architecturally ties in the new C. T. Parker building with the Woldenberg / Goldring Great Lawn.
2. Reception Hall - $50,000  (Term:  15 years.)
The main room of the C. T. Parker building will be an informational hub for visitors to City Park as well as provide entry to the Botanical Garden and Storyland.
3. Gift Shop - $75,000  (Term:  15 years.)
Specialty items focused on City Park, Botanical Garden and Storyland will be sold in this new shop.  The proceeds from the gift shop help to fund the operations of the Botanical Garden.
4. Storyland Vestibule - $25,000  (Term:  15 years.)
You can see the excitement and smiles build as children anxiously await entry to Storyland.
5. Botanical Garden Vestibule - $25,000  (Term:  15 years.)
Visitors to the Botanical Garden walk through this space before entering the garden.
6. Plant Sale Courtyard - $75,000   (Term:  15 years.)
Visitors will be able to buy specialty garden plants grown by staff and also an assortment of accessories in a beautiful new addition to the Little Casino Building. 

D.  Arrival Garden Sponsorship Opportunities

Whole Garden  - $500,000  (Term:  25 years) 
Interlocking bands of colorful plantings welcome visitors to the 6,500 square foot Arrival Garden.  Visitors can then sit on inviting benches and enjoy the fountain, and green wall.

Green Wall - $200,000  (Term:  20 years)
A state-of-the-art green wall measuring covering 1,000 square feet will enthrall visitors as they enter the arrival garden.

Fountain  - $150,000  (Term:  20 years)
A beautiful and soothing fountain will welcome guests.

Flower Garden - $50,000  (Term:  15 years)
Upon entering the garden the visitor will be greeted by a new flower garden, with changing annuals that will provide color year round.

Benches $10,000 - $20,000  (Term:  10 years)
5 modern benches with LED lighting will provide a relaxing space for visitors to enjoy the Arrival Garden.

E.  Conservatory Court - $325,000   (Term:  20 years)



The Anseman Oak reaches 60' high with a 118' crown spread and 23'7'' circumference. This great oak greets park visitors at the City Park Avenue Park entrance.