Pelican Greenhouse Plant Sales

UPDATED July 13, 2020

Pelican Greenhouse Online Plant Sale *one day only* on Tuesday, July 21 from 8am to 8pm. Guests can only purchase on this day. 

Order pick-up will be Saturday, July 25 from 7am to noon at the greehouse on #2 Celebration Drive New Orleans, LA 70124

Click here to view and purchase


The New Orleans Botanical Garden hosts plant sales with a wide variety of plants including annuals, perennials, roses, gingers, edibles, succulents, and native plants.

Plant sales are online only at this time. Click here to purchase and for details. 

Buy online then pick up from the Pelican Greenhouse, #2 Celebration Drive. Pelican Greenhouse is NOT inside the Botanical Garden. For a Park map, please click here. For more information, call 483-9437 or e-mail 



Please only feed City Park birds in the water or on grass ñ do not toss bread or other food in the dirt. The birds may get sick if they eat dirt.