Response Art

Artist:       Dawn Harris Brown
Title:  Watch Your Step
Year:   2019
Medium:  Acrylic/Charcoal/Oil Pastels
Size: 36” x 36”
Price: $1,300

Artist:       Dawn Harris Brown
Title:         Buds of Spring
Year:        2019
Medium:  Acrylic/Charcoal/Oil Pastels
Price:       $1,290

Artist:       Christopher Morgan
Title:         The Taj Matanical Garden
Year:         2019
Medium:   Oil
Size:         15 x 30
Price:        $1,000

Artist:      Christopher Morgan
Title:        The Glory of the Garden
Year:        2018
Medium:  Oil
Size:         18 x 24
Price:        $800

Artist:       Christian Hootsell
Title:        The Flower
Year:        2014
Medium;   Steel
Size:        48 x 28 x 12
Price:       $2500

Artist:      Christian Hootsell
Title:        The Raven’s Nest
Year:       2015
Medium:  Steel
Size:       24 x 48 x 14
Price:      $2,500

Artist:       Carol Hallock
Title:         Butterfly Walk View
Year:         2019
Medium:   Oil on linen
Size:         20 x 20
Price:        $1,100

Artist:       Carol Hallock
Title:        Botanical Rain Forest
Year:        2019
Medium:  Oil on linen
Size:        12 x 12
Price:       $500

Artist:      Carol Hallock
Title:        Undine
Year:       2019
Medium:  Oil on linen
Size:        24 x 12
Price:       $850

Artist:     George Dunbar
Title:      Bonfouca No. 83
Year:      2018
Medium: Palladium leaf over white and gray clay with
               die keen
Size:       17 x 21 inches
Price:      $10,000

Artist:     Garland Robinette
Title:       Undinette, Protector of Water Spirits
Medium: Oil on canvas
Year:       2019
Size:       30x40
Price:      $5,000

Artist:      Nell C. Tilton
Title:       “Floating Flora"
Year:       2019
Medium: Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas
Size        20” x 16"
Price:      $750

Artists:      Marla Donovan and Matilde Alberny
Title:          Imitating Nature
Year:         2019
Medium:   Brown Clay/Hand Built
Size:         22” x 18” x 3”
Price:        $475

Artist:     Scott Andresen
Title:      Untitled
Year:      2018
Medium: 24k Gold Leaf, Sandpaper, Adhesive,
               Resin on Panel
Size:      16”x13”
Price:     $1,000

Artist:       Jerry Cabrera
Title:         Haven #327
Year:        2018
Medium:  Oil on canvas
Size:        9” x 36”
Price:      $1,700

Artist:        William B. Crowell
Title:          At Dawn
Year:          2019
Medium:    Acrylic on wood panel
Size:           36” x 24”
Price:         $5,000

Artist:       Troy Dugas
Title:         Bourbon Tuna
Medium:  Product Labels on Paper
Size:       Artwork 14 x 11, frame 19 x a5
Price:      $500

Artist: William Guion
Title:   Alférez Oak

Artist:  William Guion
Title:  Oak and Ducks in Fog

Artist:       Ana Hernandez
Title:        Beneath Strange Skies
Year:       2019
Medium: Mixed media on canvas
Size:       10” x  8”
Price:      $800

Artist:        Patricia Tait Jones
Title:          Tropical Garden Dance
Year:          2019
Medium:    Diptych mixed media on panel
Size:           14” x 14”
Price:         $480

Artist:        Reachel Mayeur
Title:          Soon the Earth
Year:          2013
Medium:    Oil
Size:          16” x 20”
Price:         $400

Artist:        Reachel Mayeur
Title:          Wild Iris Nights
Year:          2010
Medium:    Watercolor
Size:           22” x 28”
Price:         $400

Artist:     Mary Helen Seago
Title:       Garden Splendor
Year:       2019
Medium:  Oil on canvas
Size:        30 x 40
Price:       $2,200

Artist:      Mary Helen Seago
Title:       Orchid Garden
Year:       2019
Medium:  Oil on canvas
Size:       20" x 24"
Price:      $1,800

Artist:      Chris Pavlik  
Title:       The First Touch of Spring
Year:       2019
Medium: Acrylic on paper
Size:       40” x 30”
Price:     $ 2,400

Artist:      Brian Guidry
Title:        ENTROPY
Year:        2010
Medium:  Crude oil from BP oil spill on Bristol,
                Edition 7 of 10
Size:        18" x 24" inches
Price:       $200

Artist:      Richard Sexton
Title:        Thirsty Oak
Year:        2000
Medium:  Color Pigment Print
Size        15" x 15"
Price:      $625

Artist:      Zona Wainwright
Title:        Blossoming
Year:        2019
Medium:  Acrylic on Wood Panel
Size        16" x 20"
Price:      $900

Artist: Brian St Cyr
Title:  Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop
Size:  11” x 14” frames
Price:  $1,500

Artist: Brian St Cyr
Title:  Woman with Flute
Size:  11” x 14” frames
Price:  $1,500

Artist:      Maxx Sizeler  
Title:        Double Spork Tomahawk
Medium:  Cypress, Cherry, Spanish Cedar
Size:       39”H x 24”W x 3.5”D
Price:      $4,000

Artist:     Maxx Sizeler  
Title:       Dual Handle Hammer
Medium: Cypress, Spanish Cedar, Poplar
Size:       20”H x 18”W x 6”D
Price:      $3,000

Artist:     Rhenda Saporito  
Title:      Stella #17
Year:      2015
Medium: Mixed media
Size:      40” x 30”D
Price:     $2,800

Artist:       Marla Donovan/Matilde Albery
Title:        Broken Dreams
Year:       2019
Medium: Brown Clay/Hand Built
Size:       18” x 17” x 4”
Price:      $450

Artist:      Lee Deigaard
Title:        Beneath the Surface (Pacu)
Year:       2019
Medium: archival pigment print in gilt frame
Size:       14”x18”
Price:      $250.00

Artist:      Ken Hopel     
Title:       Time In The Garden
Year:       2019
Medium: Oil
Size:       9" x12"
Price:     $350.00

Artist:      Kaori Maeyama
Title1:     Flying Horses II
Year:      2019
Medium: Oil on panel
Size:       18"x 24"
Price:      $900

Artist:       Kaori Maeyama
Title:        Gapped Scale
Year:       2019
Medium: Oil on panel
Size:      18"x 24"
Price:     $900

Artist:      Allison Stewart
Title:       Biophillia #8
Year:      2015
Medium: Mixed media on panel
Size:       20” x 30”
Price:      $2,000.00

Artist:      John Isiah Walton
Title:       Mammilaria
Year:       2019
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size:       24” x 18”
Price       $1,800

Artist:      Jonathan Mayers
Title:       La Boîte verte ouverte
Year:       2018
Medium: Acrylic, Flashe, wire, and sediment from L’Eau est La Vie camp
               in Rayne, LA on found wooden box
Size:        8.25" x 6" x 7.25"
Price:      $1,400

Artist:       Anne Katrine Senstad
Title:        Color Kinesthesia 8A452, edition # 2/6
Year:        2013
Medium:  Photographic C print from scanned 6 x 7 color negative film
Size:       20" x 24"
Price:      $5,000

Artist:     Jonathan Mayers
Title:       Une Journée Calme au Lac Peigneur (A Calm                     Day at Lake Peigneur)
Year:       2015
Medium: Acrylic and Lake Peigneur mud on panel
Size:       9” x 12” x 1”
Price:     $1,400

Artist:      Dan Tague
Title:       Cactus Theme
Year:       2018
Medium: Enamel on wood
Size:       12” x 12”
Price:      $600

Artist:       Dan Tague
Title:        Holiday in the Sun
Year:       2018
Medium: Enamel on wood
Size:       12” x 12”
Price:      $600

Artist:     Angel Perdomo
Title:       Killer Instinct
Year:      2019
Medium: Mix Media on Illustration Paper
Size:       13 ¼” x 17 ¼”
Price:      $900

Artist:       Laura Saxon
Title:        Enrique Alférez Oak
Year:       2019
Medium:  Oil on Canvas
Size:       20 x 20”
Price:      $1,400.00

Artist:       Laura Saxon
Title         Tulips at The Big Lake
Year:        2019
Medium:  Oil on Canvas   
Size:        20 x 20”
Price:       $1,400.00

Artist:      Adrianna Speer
Title:        untitled 1 (silver)
Year:       2019
Medium: Acrylic and gilding paint on canvas
Size:       8” x10”
Price:     $150.00

Artist:       Adrianna Speer
Title:        Untitled 2 (gold)
Year:       2019
Medium:  Acrylic and gilding paint on canvas
Size:        8” x 10”
Price:       $150.00

Artist:     Ralph Bourque
Title:       untitled
Year:      2019
Medium: Ink and watercolor on paper
Size:      10” x12”
Price:     $500

Artist:      Juliet Meeks
Title:        Arrangement no. 6
Year:       2019
Medium: Acrylic on wood panel
Size:       18’ x24”
Price:      $600

Artist:         Duane Couch
Title:           In the Garden
Medium:    Acrylic on Canvas
Size:          36” x 36”
Price:         $2,600

Artist       Brian St Cyr
Title:        Shotgun Houses
Medium:  Photograph



ìLipizzanerî (1976) is the name of the fabricated steel sculpture by artist Tony Smith art piece standing in front of NOMA. It is a gift of Mrs. P. Rouseel Norman in memory of Mr. P. Roussel Norman.