Sponsors for RESPONSE: Artists in the Park

We thank our sponsors!

Carmen and Kelly Duncan
Alexia and William Waring, Jr.

Anne and Herschel Abbott
Muffin and Luis Balart
Anne and Luis Banos
Laura and Philip Claverie
Sybil and Blair Favrot
Susan and Jimmy Gundlach
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Mayer
Marla Donovan
Barbara and David Waller
Whitney Bank

Gail and Ned Bergin
Katherine Boh
Louisette Brown
Pamela Bryan
Elena and Eugene Countiss
Laurie and Warren Doyle
Sally Duplantier
Ninette and Perry Eastman
René J. L. Fransen and Edward Bonin
Ruthie and Lou Frierson
Kit and Gus Fritchie
Katherine & Tony Gelderman
Dessa and David Giffin
Gladys and Brian Gille
Dana and Steve Hansel
Susan Kartzke
Cary and Henry King
Claire and Josh Koch
Renee and Paul Masinter
Allison Crutcher McAshan
Lisa and Jonathan Rotondo-McCord
Mary Ellen and Clifford Miller
Alma and Bob Pettit
Cathy and Hunter Pierson
Katherine Rafferty
Carol and Thomas Reese
Pixie and Jimmy Reiss
Helénè and Al Rufty
Laura and Sonny Shields
Liz and Poco Sloss
Lynn and Charles Smith
Claire and Harry Stahel
Mrs. F. D. M. Strachan, III
Virginia Weinmann
Elizabeth Wheeler
Charles L. Whited, Jr.
Regina and Luis Zervigon



The park has two gift shops: one in the Botanical Garden and one in the Casino Building.