Botanical Garden Volunteer

Volunteer at the New Orleans Botanical Garden!

Volunteering is an excellent way to meet fellow garden enthusiasts and to accumulate hours toward gardening certificates and community service projects.

Looking for ways to volunteer at City Park? Visit the City Park volunteer page. 

Gardening at Botanical Garden
Volunteers pitch in with planting, weeding, trimming, pruning, deadheading, collecting cuttings for propagation, collecting seeds, removing or installing holiday lights, and other work as needed. If you sign up to volunteer, please bring gardening gloves, hand clippers, and a trowel. Come Friday morning between 9am and noon and work with LSU AgAgents Lee Rouse and Chris Dunaway.  Master Gardeners and volunteers will work at a variety of gardening tasks maintaining the different gardens in the Botanical Garden. Groups interested in volunteering at the garden can call or email to schedule a time.  Contact Kathy McNamara at 504 483 9464 or for more infomation or to set a time. 

Gardening at Carousel Gardens, Storyland, Big Lake
Volunteers lend a hand with weeding, pruning, deadheading, mulching, watering, planting/transplanting, bed preparation and other jobs as needed. We ask volunteers to bring a trowel, hand pruners, gloves and a hat. Volunteers are needed Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 3pm For more information, contact Dan Preziosi at (504) 483-9464 or

Trial and Demonstration Gardens
We need volunteers to help maintain, propagate and plant gardens displaying All-America Selections Winners, Louisiana Super Plants and some of the newest plants on the market from leading seed companies. For more information, contact Susan Capley at (504) 483-9473 or

Pelican Greenhouse
A gorgeous array of plants are propagated at Pelican Greenhouse for the Botanical Garden and City Park garden beds, including roses, tropical plants, vegetable, herbs, annuals and perennials. Volunteers help with propagation (seeds and cuttings), transplanting, watering and weeding. Volunteers are needed Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 12 noon. For more information, contact Kathy McNamara at (504) 483-9464 or

School Tour Guides
Share your passion for plants with school children! Volunteer tour guides are trained to lead tours of children grades K-8. Tours are scheduled Monday through Friday at 10am and 11am in the spring and fall. This program offers a wonderful opportunity to work with children and share your interest in gardening. For more information, contact Susan Capley at (504) 483-9473 or



We love our trees! Over 25,000 of them grow in City Parkís 1,300 acres.