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  • Growing Gardeners

    ActivitiesBotanical GardenEducationKid Friendly

    Join us for a fabulous garden experience!
    Growing Gardeners is our program for children ages six to nine who want to have some fun in our garden, and learn about—and play with—plants, food, and ecosystems
    There’s so much to do in the Botanical Garden, and we would love to help your child do it all. Classes cost $17 each, but are $14 when you register for six classes (three months) at one time.

    To register call 483-9470 or email

    July topic: LA Wetlands

    This month, Growing Gardeners take a trip down the bayou and explore our coastal wetlands. Join the Growing Gardeners as we learn about the incredible ecosystem of our coastal wetlands and put on our lab coat to perform experiments on water quality and soil erosion. 

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