Happy 70th Birthday Bingle Party in City Putt

It's Mister Bingle's 70th birthday this year! Visit City Putt for a holiday themed party on

December 1st, 2nd, or 3rd from 3pm to 7pm.

The party is $10/person and tickets can be purchased the day-of from City Putt located between Victory and Dreyfous.

Each person will get to play one course, enjoy 1 cocktail (or soft drink), taste sweet treats, get a free raffle ticket, and receive giveaways, too. Bring a date or bring the family – everyone will have a great time!

For more information call 483-9385.

*And don’t forget just across the street, Celebration in the Oaks will be open, too!
*City Putt is open regular hours with regular fees outside the time of the party.



ìLipizzanerî (1976) is the name of the fabricated steel sculpture by artist Tony Smith art piece standing in front of NOMA. It is a gift of Mrs. P. Rouseel Norman in memory of Mr. P. Roussel Norman.