About Us: NOLA City Bark

NOLA City Bark

NOLA City Bark is located in New Orleans City Park, a 1350 acre urban park in the heart of New Orleans.  The dog park is operated by City Park with the help of the non-profit organization, NOLA City Bark, LLC, founded in January, 2008. Opening on March 27, 2010, NOLA City Bark became New Orleans' first official off-leash dog park. It provides a safe and pleasant gathering place for humans and their canine companions to socialize, exercise, and meet people who share a common interest in dogs and animal welfare.

NOLA City’s Bark’s mission is “to develop a safe and sustainable area in City Park for off-leash, owner-supervised, socialization of our canine companions in order to provide personal and community enrichment, recreation, educational activities, and to promote the health and well-being of the citizens and canines of metropolitan New Orleans.”  The dog park is dedicated in loving memory to all the animals that lost their lives in Hurricane Katrina and the floods that followed.
Funds to construct the dog park were raised through the efforts of the non-profit organization, NOLA City Bark, LLC, with support from New Orleans City Park and the private sector.

2016 NOLA City Bark Board and Officers

Sue Guarisco, President
Kathleen Schrenk, Vice President
Daniel Simpson, Jr., Treasurer
Pat Williamson, Corresponding Secretary
Mary Ann Cardinale, Ex-Officio
Jackie Shreves, Founding member

Alicia Connelly
Dean Howard
Eve Masinter
Eve Minotillo-Versteeg
Janet Rucker
Karson Kall
Kristine Jackson
Meg Allison
Michael Latiolais
Monica Frois
Patty Burnaman
Richard “Jay”Grisoli
Scott Discon
Shelley Elliott



Please only feed City Park birds in the water or on grass ñ do not toss bread or other food in the dirt. The birds may get sick if they eat dirt.