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NOLA City Bark

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NOLA City Bark
New Orleans City Park
1 Palm Drive
New Orleans, LA 70124
Phone: 504-483-9377
Fax: 504-483-9412

When you call the office, you'll reach Alex, the NOLA City Bark Coordinator. She'll be happy to answer you questions. 

2017 NOLA City Bark Board and Officers

Sue Guarisco, President
Dean Howard, Vice President
Daniel Simpson, Jr., Treasurer
Pat Williamson, Corresponding Secretary
Mary Ann Cardinale, Ex-Officio
Jackie Shreves, Founding member

Patty Burnaman
Alicia Connelly
Scott Discon
Shelley Elliott
Monica Frois
Richard “Jay”Grisoli
Kristine Jackson
Michael Latiolais
Eve Masinter
Eve Minotillo-Versteeg
Janet Rucker
Kathleen Schrenk



City Park would not be the place it is today without President Rooseveltís Works Progress Administration efforts during the Great Depression. More than 20,000 men and women were employed to build bridges, roads, fountains, the Botanical Garden and Tad Gormley stadium, and to dig more 11 miles of lagoons - work all done by hand.