Permits and Rules

NOLA City Bark

Annual Renewal and Temporary Permit Applications

This is a permit only dog park. Permits are annual and expire at the end of our fiscal year on February 28 regardless when purchased.  Permits may be purchased at the City Park Administration Bldg. located at 1 Palm Drive in New Orleans City Park (504-483-9377), or downloaded from the website and emailed or faxed to the office (504-483-9412 ).

Download the permit at the bottom of this page or click here for permit application.
Annual permits are $48 for one dog and $53 for more than one dog.  Friends of City Park receive a $5 discount.
Temporary permits cost $10 for one week and $15 for two weeks. Click here for more about Temporary Permits.


Dog park gates must be closed immediately after entering or exiting the park.

Owners/handlers must stop their dogs from digging and immediately fill any holes except in the designated sand pits.

Owners/handlers must discourage their dogs from running to “meet” other dogs at the gate.

Remove your dog’s leash only in the “howdy gate” area.

Do not allow dogs to form loose packs.

Do not allow a dog to bully another.

Do not spend unnecessary time on a cell phone - you must supervise your dog at all times and be able to give your dog your full attention.


Failure to follow rules can result in the revocation of your permit.

Dog owners waive liability to City Park and NOLA City Bark, LLC for any injury or damage caused by their dog.  Owners solely are liable for injuries or damages caused by their dog(s).

1. Dogs must be spayed or neutered.

2. Children under 8 are prohibited from entering fenced dog park area.

3. Dogs showing aggression toward people or other animals must be leashed and immediately removed from the park by owners/handlers.

4. Dogs must be healthy and vaccinated against rabies, distemper-hepatitis-leptospirosis-parainfluenza-parvo (yearly), and bordatella (twice yearly). Dogs should be collared with current rabies & ID tags.

5. Puppies under 6 months are prohibited.

6. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult, and should not run, chase dogs, or pet others’ dogs unless permission is granted by the owner.   No children’s toys (including footballs) are allowed.

7. Owners/handlers must immediately clean up after their dog(s) and properly dispose of waste.  Limit of three dogs per household at one time.

8. Owners/handlers must remain inside of fenced area, with leash in hand, and within view and voice control of their dogs.

9. Dogs must be on-leash outside of dog park and off-leash inside dog park.

10. Only small (under 25 lbs.) or special needs dogs are allowed to use the small dog park.  For safety reasons, it is strongly advised that dogs weighing less than 15 lbs. remain in the small dog park. (See "Safety Information" tab: Big Dog - Small Dog)

11. No choke or prong collars are allowed in the off-leash areas.

12. No dog treats, rawhide chews, human food or glass containers are allowed within fenced area.

13. No dog toys except balls or Frisbees are allowed.

14. No drones or flying devices, bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, strollers, or scooters are allowed. No jogging allowed. No outside furniture (lawn chairs, etc.).

15. No tobacco, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or firearms are allowed in park.


Click for the Annual Permit

Click for the Renewable Permit



Mexico-born sculptor Enrique "Ricky" Alferez was the creative lead on the 1930's WPA work in City Park. His Art Deco bas-relief works and sculpture is scattered throughout the park.