Give NOLA Day

ONE day to give as ONE

On May 6, 2014, Friends of City Park is participating in GiveNOLA Day, the community’s first
one-day, online giving event. It is 24 hours of unprecedented giving, and it’s your chance to make a real difference, right here in our community.

Gifts given that day will receive a portion of a $200,000 Lagniappe Fund, plus have a chance at additional awards and prizes – making your dollar go further.
In an effort to maximize our dollars for Lark in the Park, all funds raised through GiveNOLA Day will go towards the restoration of New Orleans City Park’s Historic Carousel.
We need you to help us with three things:
1. Mark GiveNOLA Day on your calendar for May 6th and bookmark our giving link:
a. http://givenola.org/#npo/friends-of-city-park
2. Please make a donation to support us on Tuesday, May 6th.
3. Help us spread the word! Share with your friends and support Friends of City Park:
a. Insert City Park Link - #GiveNOLACityPark

GiveNOLA Day is a way for our community to come together to give as one. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.



The park has two gift shops: one in the Botanical Garden and one in the Casino Building.