Board of Directors

Our current executive leadership and commissioners.

"One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade."

The City Park Board of Commissioners generally meets the fourth Tuesday of each month except August. Meetings begin at 4:00 p.m. in the Administration Board Room located at 1 Palm Drive in City Park unless otherwise noted. Please call (504) 482-4888 to verify specific meeting dates.

What is the composition of the Park’s Board of Commissioners?

The board is comprised of 35 members:  12 are appointed and 23 are elected via the nominating committee of the board.  In addition, there are two ex-officio members.

Appointed by:
President of the Senate
Speaker of the House
New Orleans City Council (2)
Friends of City Park (3)
President of the Board of City Park
Jefferson Parish
Chamber of Commerce

Past President of the Board of City Park
Botanical Garden Foundation President

Self-nominations are accepted.  If you wish to nominate someone or yourself to serve on the board, send a letter of interest and your Curriculum Vitae to:

Robert W. Becker
New Orleans City Park
1 Palm Drive
New Orleans, LA   70124


In accordance with the American With Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance, please contact George Parker at (504) 483-9359 describing the assistance needed.

Board Of Directors

Ryan Adkerson
Emily Arata
Billy Arnold
Shon Cowan Baker
Jay Banks
Jay Batt
Richard Cahn
Larry Dale
Karen DeBlieux
Jeanie Donovan
Bryan Fitzpatrick
Carro Gardner
Joe Giarrusso
Susan Hess
Michael Hollis
Lawrence Katz
William LeCorgne
Walter Leger
Rebecca Schultz Lester
Robert Edward Smith Lupo
Paul Masinter
Michael P. McCrossen
Adam McNeil
Quentin Messer
Stephanie R. Navarre
Stephen Pate
Steven Pettus
Mayra Pineda
Cleland Powell, III
Lori Savoie
George "Ray" Seamon, Jr.
Elizabeth Huger Sloss
Cleveland Spears III
Chenier Taylor
Curtis Thomas
Will Tregre
David Waller


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Originally built to give boaters a place to take cover while waiting out a rain shower, the Storyland gazebo is more than 100 years old! Today, the antique gazebo is used for birthday parties in Storyland.