Capital/Master Plan Updates

Keep tabs on the Park's progress

Revised: February 2018
There is a lot going on at City Park and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the changes and improvements. We are building a better Park in concert with the Park’s Master Plan – City Park 2018.
The following list will help you keep track of Park progress.
What have you done for me lately?
Since Hurricane Katrina in August of 2005, we have:

• Built the Goldring/Woldenberg Great Lawn
• Constructed the Big Lake area
• Renovated Tad Gormley and Pan American stadiums
• Renovated the practice track surface
• Renovated the North Golf Course
• Renovated the Casino Building
• Installed several miles of new sidewalks and jogging paths
• Completed Carousel renovations and installed two new rides in the Amusement Park
• Replanted the Botanical Garden and renovated all of its buildings
• Installed a new high tech playground
• Repaired all Storyland exhibits and added two new ones
• Planted over 7,500 trees
• Utilized more than 100,000 volunteers who have made dramatic improvements in the Park
• Demolished several hurricane-damaged buildings
• Repaved Harrison, Wisner, Robert E Lee and Marconi
• Landscaped the Lelong entrance to the Park
• Opened the dog park – NOLA City Bark
• Finished a 250-car parking lot at Tricentennial Place
• Built a new fishing pier along Marconi
• Opened the City Park / Pepsi Tennis Complex
• Moved out of our trailers and into the Administration Building
• Made additional road repairs and installed over 100 new LED street lights
• Constructed the Arbor Room at Popp Fountain – a new rental venue
• Opened the new 50-acre Festival Grounds (land that was the South Golf Course)
• Opened the Morning Call restaurant
• Built City Putt, a 36-hole miniature golf complex
• Built a very large covered rink at Equest Farm
• Gave the century old Perisyle a facelift
• Opened the Matt Savoie Soccer Complex
• Built and opened Parker’s Café
• Purchased a food truck
• Built and opened Parker’s Pizza
• Constructed a new pedestrian bridge and parking lot at Couturie Forest
• Completed Amusement Park upgrades, including a new Ladybug Roller Coaster
• Constructed a new entry to the Botanical Garden; The Oscar J. Tolmas Center
• Constructed The Helis Foundation Enrique Alfèrez Sculpture Garden
• Relocated disc golf to north of I-610
• Installed additional bike racks throughout the Park
• Installed two new sculptures: The Wave of the World at Big Lake and Jendiva on Roosevelt Mall
• Built a replacement parking lot at City Putt
• Built parking adjacent to the Arbor Room at Popp Fountain
• Built plazas in front of the Oscar J. Tolmas Center, around City Putt, and in front of the Peristyle
• Opened the Arrival Garden in the New Orleans Botanical Garden
• Opened Bayou Oaks at City Park, a new championship golf course and clubhouse
• Built a biking/walking/jogging path along Marconi, between Robert E. Lee and Harrison
• Opened the new Wisner Bridge
• Installed a new playground on Magnolia Drive
• Created and launched a massive Park website
• Constructed a new dock on Diagonal Drive
• Constructed a new top to the Couturie Forest Mountain
• Constructed a new entrance to Couturie Forest with a 100 foot bridge
• Opened Gander Point, a small gathering spot on Magnolia Drive

What are your plans for 2018?
We will either start or start & finish the following projects:
• Develop a specific plan for the “Wisner Tract” (Roughly the land between Zachary Taylor, Wisner, Harrison, and Magnolia Drive.)
• Reopen the concession building and the 4th field at the softball quadruplex
• Begin construction on an Outdoor Kitchen at the New Orleans Botanical Garden
• Continue the reforesting program
• Begin construction on a new maintenance complex
• Begin construction of the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden at NOMA expansion
• Continue construction on the Louisiana Children's Museum

What could I see in upcoming years?
• A new skate park
• Construction of a new Environmental Education Center
• Construction of a Splash Park: City Splash
• Construction of a multi-purpose building
• Construction of sound walls


Master Plan (To Print Version)



At Morning Call in the Casino Building, you can PYOB ñ powder (sugar) your own beignets!