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UPDATE: The Board and Management of City Park are thrilled the citizens of New Orleans have votes to support the Parks and recreation system by reallocating existing millages among NORDC, Parks and Parkway, the Audubon Nature Institute, and City Park. We are deeply appreciative of everyone who endorsed the proposal and contributed to its successful passage. The passage of first time funding for City Park will enable us to invest in the Park's infrastructure, security, storm water management, and programming.


New Orleans City Park is distinguished by its large menu of sports and recreational activities, attractions for families, and its natural beauty. City Park is a 90/10 Park. Self-generated revenue makes up 90% of the $19.5 million annual operating budget; City Park receives no general fund operating dollars from the city and approximately $2 million annually from the state. City Park has a special place in the hearts of generations of New Orleanians and is a must visit for visitors to the city. The 1,300 acres of parkland provide enjoyment for people no matter their age. City Park is home to the world’s largest collection of mature Live Oak trees in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is on the ballot on May 4, 2019? On May 4th, the voters of New Orleans will vote on a ballot proposal for parks and recreation that will affect the quality of life for all our citizens. They will vote on the renewal and re-allocation of the current 6.31 millages already dedicated to parks in the City. The re-allocation allows for a more equitable distribution of the taxpayer dollars ALREADY supporting parks and recreation in the City and includes City Park in that distribution for the first time in the Park’s history.

Which groups will benefit from this millage? New Orleans City Park, the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission (NORDC), the Department of Parks and Parkways, and the Audubon Commission. The collaborative effort was developed in partnership with Trust for Public Land, a national leader in parks and recreation advocacy.

I’ve read this is not going to increase my taxes. How is that possible? This millage is a renewal and re-allocation of the current 6.31 millages ALREADY allocated to park and recreation agencies. The proposal calls for redistributing the funds currently devoted to Audubon Commission, New Orleans Recreation Development Commission, and Parks and Parkways. The proposal calls for half of Audubon Commission’s current millage allocation to be redistributed to the other park agencies, including City Park in the allocation. All of the park agencies collaborated closely with the Cantrell Administration to develop a solution for a more equitable distribution of tax dollars WITHOUT asking the voters for an increase. 

What will the money be spent on in City Park? Long deferred and much needed infrastructure upgrades (the majority of the Park’s infrastructure was built in the WPA era), storm water management, creation of a forest management programming, expanded educational programming, and increased security.

What is the rationale behind this proposal? The reason is to provide sustainable and more equitably distributed funding for maintenance, park safety, programming, and capital improvement. Our park system is at significant risk of deterioration unless we act now.

What will happen if this millage doesn’t pass? The impending loss of dedicated funding threatens to destabilize these agencies, and negatively impact the safe access to parks, maintenance of existing recreational assets, ongoing programming and the ability to provide support for new programming for our children, families, and senior citizens.

Is it true this is the 1st time City Park will receive city tax dollars? This is the first time City Park would receive funding from city taxes.

How much is City Park receiving if the millage is passed and when will City Park start receiving money? The current estimate is the Park will receive approximately $2 million each of the 20 years. The Park would begin receiving funds in 2021. 

Where does City Park’s current funding come from? City Park is a 90/10 Park: 90% of the operations budget is self-generated revenue.
2019 FY Budget is $19.5M, of that, $1.8M is State support.

When is voting? Early Voting April 20 – 27, 2019 / Vote Saturday, May 4, 2019

Where can I get more information? TogetherForParks.org

What are the dates of the public meetings?
All meetings are from 6 pm to 7pm
Feb. 7 – District B Meeting  - Lyons Recreation Center
Feb. 12 – District A  Meeting – City Park, Parkview Terrace Room
Feb. 13 – District C Meeting – Algiers Regional Library
Feb. 19 – District D Meeting  - Corpus Christi Community Center
Feb. 25 – District E Meeting – East New Orleans regional Library

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Getting to City Park from the French Quarter: We are located less than 10 minutes by cab or car. Or, take the scenic route: the Canal streetcar (be sure to hop on the one marked ìCity Parkî) delivers you to the entrance of City Park at Esplanade Ave.