New Bayou Oaks Golf Course in New Orleans City Park Information

December 22, 2016

The new Bayou Oaks Golf Course at City Park designed by Rees Jones is scheduled to open in the spring of 2017.  Fees to play the course are not yet finalized.  We will post the fees here as soon they are established.

If you are interested in booking a tournament, please contact Brian Long the course General Manager.  He can be reached at (217) 417-5168 or blong@pgatourtpc.com.

For questions about the new course, please contact John Hopper, Chief Development Officer. He can be reached at (504) 259-1509 or jhopper@nocp.org.

Course Layout

Course Layout

History of Golf in New Orleans City Park

The first golf course in City Park opened in 1901, and by 2005, the park hosted four courses and a driving range.  At its peak, golf contributed around 40% of the entire operating budget of City Park.  The park began to develop a plan to reinvest in the golf courses in 2003, and in 2004, the State allocated the first planning money.

As we developed our Master Plan back in 2005, many people expressed a desire for a wide variety of recreation options, and we accommodated some of those requests by closing the South Golf Course, thereby freeing that land for other uses.  We have built the Big Lake area and the Festival Grounds on parts of the footprint of the old South Course.  Today, those areas are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands each year as they bike, walk, jog, paddle a boat, play soccer, attend a special event, and observe the wildlife.

Then came Hurricane Katrina which heavily damaged the East, West, and North Courses.  With input from the public, we developed a new plan to again reduce the golf footprint to just two courses, the North Course and a new course on parts of the East and West Courses.  The area between Harrison and Zachary Taylor which was a golf course was removed from the plan.  Thus, we have reduced the golf acreage from over 500 to around 340 acres.

Unlike almost every major urban park in the country that receives the majority of their financial support via a property tax or the like, City Park receives no operating dollars from the City.  Only 15% of our operating budget is received through the State and we have to generate 85% ourselves.  Our current budget is $15.6 million.  Golf has historically been a significant contributor to the operations of the park, and the new reduced two course plan should be again.  That is one of the reasons why golf has been and is very important to operating and maintaining the rest of the park.

Here’s a map of the new golf course footprint  (outlined in red)

Here’s a map of the new golf course footprint (outlined in red)



Among many other groups, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles played Tad Gormley Stadium.