The Soul of City Park Photo 2018 Contest Winners

In May and June of 2018, photographers were invited to take photos of New Orleans City Park to portray ‘The Soul of City Park’. The Park was looking for striking images and with nearly 250 entries, we were impressed with the talent of local photographers.

There were five categories: Art/Architecture/Trees; Animals; People in the Park; Recreation/Sports; and Flowers/Plants. A first, second, third, and Honorable Mention place winner in each category along with a Best Over All winner were selected.

A panel of 4 judges, including professional photographers, made the final decisions. This is the third time the Park has held a photo contest. Partly because the Park enjoys providing programming for the public and partly because of the wonderful response from the City Park family, the Park plans on having another in 2020.

The public can view the winning photos in the Oscar J. Tolmas Visitor Center (5 Victory Avenue) or Administration Building (1 Palm Drive) during normal business hours or visit neworleanscitypark.com/the-soul-of-city-park-photo-2018-contest-winners. The awards ceremony was held in late July 2018. Prizes donated from community and New Orleans City Park were presented to the winners.

The winners are also listed on this page in The New Orleans Advocate.

Best In Show
Photo Name:  Sunset Gondola Cruise
Photographer:  David Muller

1st Place Winner -  Animals
Photo Name:  Reflections
Photographer:  Richard Erbach

1st Place Winner -  Art/Architecture/Trees
Photo Name:  Magical Sunset
Photographer:  Ryan Lips

1st Place Winner - Flowers/Plants
Photo Name:  Two of a Kind
Photographer:  Chad Palardy

1st Place Winner - People
Photo Name:  Moss Wig
Photographer:  Lindsey Capdepon

1st Place Winner -  Recreation/Sports
Photo Name:  Golden Hour Gondola Ride
Photographer:  John  Velasco

2nd Place Winner:  Animals
Photo Name:  Wood Duck Flush
Photographer:  Gerald Botkin

2nd Place Winner:   Art/Architecture/Trees
Photo Name:  Egret
Photographer:  Angela Comeaux

2nd Place Winner:   Flowers/Plants
Photo Name:  Amongst the Crowd
Photographer:  Ryan Lips

2nd Place Winner:   People in the Park
Photo Name:  Sunrise Yoga Under Popps Bandstand
Photographer:  David Muller

2nd Place Winner:   Recreation/Sports
Photo Name:  Shining Canoes
Photographer:  Monika Leska

3rd Place Winner:  Animals
Photo Name:  Sunset on the Equest Farm City Park 2018
Photographer:  Hanna Kwasik

3rd Place Winner:  Art/Architecture/Trees
Photo Name:  NOMA in the Morning
Photographer:  Joe Scorsone

3rd Place Winner:  Flowers/Plants
Photo Name:  One in a Million
Photographer:  Chad Palardy

3rd Place Winner:  People in the Park
Photo Name:  Sibling Stroll
Photographer:  Amy Blanke

3rd Place Winner:  Recreation/Sports
Photo Name:  Looking for a Ride
Photographer:  Lauren Davis

Honorable Mention Winner:  People in the Park
Photo Name:  Lemonade in the Park
Photographer:  Melissa Ansley

Honorable Mention Winner:  Recreation/Sports
Photo Name:  Bella Mae's Red Gandola
Photographer:  Lauren Davis

Honorable Mention Winner:   Animals
Photo Name:  What's Up There?
Photographer:  Armin Kargol

Honorable Mention Winner: Art/Architecture/Trees
Photo Name:  Above Big Lake
Photographer:  Kevin Barraco

Honorable Mention Winner  - Flowers/Plants
Photo Name:  Lilly
Photographer:  Eric Reeves



On September 19, 2012, the Space Shuttle Endeavour passed over City Park.