Birthday Party FAQs

Guidelines for Birthday Parties and FAQs
-We believe in safety first. In case of inclement weather some parts of Storyland may be off limits.
-In the event of a partial or complete closing you will be called in advance and given the option to reschedule.

-Q) I know the park takes care of the catering for the party, but what can I bring? A) Food and drink options are provided by the park with each party package. You are welcome to bring a birthday cake and a food tray (fruit, vegetable, or sandwich).

-Q) Will I need to stand by the entrance of the park to greet my guests? A) You can remain at your party location without any worries. We have attendants at every entrance who are given a daily list of parties. They will direct your guests to your party location.

-Q) What if I need extra tables or chairs? A) You are welcome to bring extra tables and chairs for your party as long as they are picked up within 30 minutes of the close of the party.

-Q) Can I come early to decorate? A) Yes, you can come a half hour before your party to setup and decorate and stay a half hour after the party to clean up.

-Q) What happens if my party's at City Putt and I have more than 25 people come who want to play mini golf? A) Anyone over the 25 person total can be added for a fee per person regardless of age (this does not include food). This may be amended due to covid-19 rules at the time of your party.

-Q) What changes have you made due to covid-19? A) Covid-19 changes:
Location surfaces are disinfected before the party begins.
Staff has temperature taken to make sure there is no fever. Staff wears masks at all times and gloves when appropriate.
Drinks are served either with tops on cups or in bottles.
Paper products are included in the price of the party.
Storyland has bathrooms near the entrance, 2 handwashing stations, and hand sanitizing stations located throughout.
Masks will be supplied for those who forget theirs



Please don't park under City Park trees! The roots of a tree can stretch underground as far as the tree's branches, and parking on the root system will damage it.