600 New Cast Iron Plants on Victory Avenue

We LOVE our volunteers! Check ou tthis group from Florida State!

The groups spent time this week planting over 600 cast iron plants around the oak trees on Victory Avenue near the Amusement Park. 

 The area around the oak trees is air spaded beforehand, a process in which compressed air is shot into the soil, breaking up heavily compacted dirt and allowing more oxygen to get to the root structure of trees.  Then, once the soil is broken up, we are able to plant the cast iron plants around the base of the tree to protect the root system of the tree. This also helps to discourage foot traffic around the large roots.  We also spread mulch and soil around the plants to help the plants retain more moisture and discourage weeds from growing.

City Park is always looking for volunteers. We couldn't keep the Park looking as great as it does without our wonderful volunteers. If you would like to volunteer or would like to learn more, please email Tyler Havens, Volunteer Manger, at thavens@nocp.org.