This is the Allard Oak. Hello Allard Oak.

Allard Oak in New Orleans City Park

This is the Allard Oak in New Orleans City Park. According to the last survey done a few years ago its size is as follows: 22’8” circumference, 56’ height, 141’ crown spread. This oak is named for Louis Allard, Jr., the heir to the Allard Plantation. The land comprising the Allard Plantation had been under development soon after the founding of New Orleans in 1718. It was primarily a dairy farm with some production...

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What’s Old Is New Again

This piece is from the 1930s and was used as a drinking fountain. Today it is refurbished as a new water-fountain in the New Orleans Botanical Garden's Shade Garden. It is newly installed and is near a swing where you can sit & relax listening to the soothing water. "This reclaimed drinking fountain was turned into the new fountain by landscape architect Robin Tanauan and placed in the garden on November 18, 2013. The...

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Cacti and succulents at the New Orleans Botanical Garden in City Park

The New Orleans Botanical Garden is a place of wonder. At every turn there is something new to look upon no matter the season. Near the middle of the Botanical Garden is a small greenhouse containing the Garden's collection of cacti and types in this vast collection.

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Brown Pelicans are back in City Park for the cooler months

We're entering the chilly (kind of) months in City Park & you know what that means...the Brown Pelicans will call City Park home for a few months. Two were spotted in the past week (7 days). One was seen near the Administration building and a second on Big Lake [pictured here]. If you're looking for the Brown Pelicans there are 3 known places in the Park that the birds apparently like fishing or...

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Beware! The lochness monster’s getting put into Bayou Metairie today!

Beware! The lochness monster's getting put into Bayou Metairie today! A tradition everyone loves to see each year at Celebration in the Oaks, we're excited to welcome the fun-loving holiday 'monster' back again this year. You can wave to Nessie as you zip by on the holiday train during Celebration in the Oaks.

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