A *secret* bridge called Goldfish

Goldfish Bridge

Goldfish Bridge

This stone bridge leading to Goldfish Island is called the Goldfish Bridge. It's been a part of City Park since it was built in 1902.

Have you visited it?

This bridge is the only way (by land) to visit the tiny Goldfish Island. From the bridge or the large cement bench on the island, one can view the Peristyle in all her splendor. It's also a great place to feed the ducks or fish in Bayou Metairie.

Want to know how to get to this 'secret' place? It can can be reached by walking through the Old Grove near Anseman Avenue. The Old Grove is the strip of land between Bayou Metairie and City Park Avenue. Many of the Park's oldest trees live here.

In 2013, the bridge was sponsored by the McLoughlin Family and underwent some masonry work. 

Learn more about the architecture in the Park on the Park's website: www.NewOrleansCityPark.com

Thanks to City Parker Trent for the great photo!