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Christmas Tree Fishing Reefs in City Park

There will be stiff competition in this year’s Big Bass Fishing Rodeo – Brother Martin and Rummel students have already staked out their fishing spots and hope to be reeling in the biggest fish in the lagoons!
On February 15, 2018, New Orleans City Park, in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF), welcomed fishing clubs to the Park, from Brother Martin High School and Archbishop Rummel High School, to build fishing reefs using Celebration in the Oaks Christmas trees.
The fishing reefs will provide critical fish habitats and a boost to the aquatic food chain. Shortly after the Christmas tree reefs are installed, they will sink and create structure within the water. In water bodies lacking structure, baitfish tend to be scattered. As new hiding places, the Christmas tree reefs will attract smaller baitfish and the desired sportfish will soon follow.
As the trees decompose, the released nutrients spur a bloom in new aquatic vegetation, phytoplankton, and algae. This vegetation is the base of the aquatic food chain. Zooplankton forage on the new vegetation, and attract aquatic insects, snails, and crawfish. The abundance of life continues to multiply, as these species attract smaller fish that then bring the larger fish.
We don’t want to give away any secret fishing hot spots, but if you see a fisherman/woman sporting a Brother Martin or Rummel t-shirt, you might want to follow them to the lagoon!
We love our volunteers and the Park wouldn’t be what it is today without their help.
If you or your group would like to volunteer at New Orleans City Park, please email Tyler Havens, Volunteer Manager, at  
For more information about the upcoming 71st annual Big Bass Fishing Rodeo on Saturday, March 24th, please visit

- Johanna Gundlach, Sustainability Coordinator

City Park Presented the Achievement Award in Employee Wellness

On January 26th, 2018, New Orleans City Park won the Achievement Award in Employee Wellness at LifeCity’s annual “Love Your City Awards Ceremony”.
The event is held each year to recognize the efforts and impact of sustainable business leaders in the New Orleans area. City Park has been a premium member with LifeCity for three years and is excited about the progress made toward becoming a more sustainable organization and member of the New Orleans community.  The Achievement Award in Employee Wellness recognized City Park’s improvements in employee engagement through all-staff events, increased opportunities for training and education, and a health and wellness fair.
Some of the proudest achievements in this area include the many events that bring our employees together, including a bowling party, crawfish boil, health and wellness fair, holiday luncheon, and a breakfast. These organization-wide events are a great opportunity for individuals from different departments to share updates and progress, hear new ideas and suggestions for improvements, play games, have fun, and get to know one another. A huge thanks to City Park’s human resources team for their hard work organizing the events. 
We are also proud of our new monthly lunch and learn program, called Food for Thought Lunches, hosted by City Park’s Green Team. The goal of the program is to provide sustainability education to Park employees and to foster a culture of environmental stewardship within City Park. Each lunch features organizations or individuals in the community that are contributing to a greener New Orleans. So far, we have learned from Compost N.O.W., Bike Easy, Energy Smart and Energy Wise, New Orleans Botanical Garden, and The Green Project. 
City Park is very grateful for all of the support and guidance provided by the LifeCity team. They have played a huge role in helping us achieve our sustainability goals. For more information about what we have accomplished this year, check out our 2017 Sustainability Highlights below this paragraph.