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Oh, to be a fish in City Park!

Oh, to be a fish in New Orleans City Park! Thanks to our friends at Atmos Energy, who supplied scrap pieces of natural gas pipes, and our wonderful partners at Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, who designed the underwater fishing sculptures, City Park’s fish will be more cultured and more plentiful than ever this spring. 

With the help of volunteers from Marriott and Ritz-Carlton, twenty three “spider block” sculptures were built and deployed in City Park’s lagoons in late-April. These sculptures will act as fishing reefs (similar to the Christmas tree reefs installed last winter), providing needed refuge for small fish, structure for algae and insect growth, and an attractive feeding spot for larger angler fish – a boost to the entire fish population in City Park’s lagoons!

The sculptures are exclusively for our fishy friends and are not visible above water, but if you are looking for a good fishing spot this summer, check out the following areas and let us know what you catch (
• Marconi Fishing Pier
• Bayou Metairie near NOMA
• Lagoon near Grow Dat Youth Farm
• Little Lake on the Palm Drive side


Written by:

Jo Gundlach, Sustainability Coordinator