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A New Citizen Science Opportunity in Couturie Forest!

Help City Park make observations about our trees! In conjunction with the USA National Phenology Network, City Park has created a way for Park users to collect data that will help track regional patterns and changes in our tree phenology!

"Phenology is the study of recurring plant and animal life cycle states and their timing and relationships with climate and other abiotic factors…Phenology is nature’s calendar – when cherry trees bloom, when a robin builds its nest and when leaves turn color in the fall” ( Phenology…is perhaps the simplest process in which to track changes in the ecology of species in response to climate change” (IPCC 2007).

All observations collected by Nature’s Notebook users are sent to a national organization used to evaluate the effects of climate change. Bring your family, your class, your colleagues and spend some time learning about some of Louisiana’s native trees!

Check out this video to see how Nature’s Notebook is connecting volunteers and being used at a park in CA!
Want to help?!

1. Set up an account and join the Couturie Forest Phenology Trail through
2. Download the free Nature’s Notebook app.
3. Head out to the forest to find the12 trees we have marked on our phenology trail. The app will ask you certain yes or no questions about each tree.

Interested in learning more? Want to be part of our Nature’s Notebook volunteer team? Contact Lindsay Kirsch, Sustainability Coordinator at

Helpful Links:
Become an Observer

Nature’s Notebook Education Program

Nature’s Notebook Activities

City Park Sweeps the Gambit ‘Best Of’’ 2019 Awards

Thanks to the readers of Gambit, New Orleans City Park has taken first place in the FIVE categories nominated in the 2019 Best Of Awards.
Each year Gambit Weekly runs a digital poll asking readers to vote for their favorites around the city. Categories are often 'switched up each year' and usually City Park is among the winners.
Check out the categories City Park won this year, and click each for the corresponding link on the City Park website.

See all the winners at this link.

BEST GOLF COURSE: Bayou Oaks at City Park (Congrats Bayou Oaks!!!!)

BEST MUSEUM: New Orleans Museum of Art (Congrats NOMA, we love having such a great museum in the Park!) 

BEST PLACE TO GET MARRIED: New Orleans City Park (We love this title! We love love!)

BEST PLACE FOR A BIRTHDAY PARTY: New Orleans City Park (Birthday are always a great idea to celebrate, and with the new website it's even easier to book!) 

BEST PLACE TO MEET PEOPLE IRL: New Orleans City Park (BTW (by the way) IRL means 'in real life' - so awesome!)

Congratulations to all of the winners but really to everyone in New Orleans. We're so lucky to live in such a great city!