City Park’s Art Scene Blooms with New Sculpture

It was a warm and sunny autumn morning on October 16, 2014, and City Park’s art scene was about to bloom.

As part of the Prospect 3 project in New Orleans, City Park is delighted to have Will Ryman’s sculpture in the Park.

Ryman’s sculpture is called Icon and is an elegant red sculpture with large roses reaching for the sky. You’ll also notice large thorns as with any rose plant.

Ryman build the piece in 2011. It’s painted stainless steel and fiberglass. It reaches 30 feet into the air. The piece is courtesy of the artist and the Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York.
The piece was drive down to New Orleans from New York in multiple pieces and it took a full day to put the pieces together.

You can visit the sculpture at the foot of Palm Drive where it meets Golf Drive (but with it being 30 feet tall, chances are you’ll see it before you get there!)

Bonus! Even though Prospect 3 will end in January of 2015, Icon will remain in City Park till at least January of 2017.

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The artist, Will Ryman

The artist, Will Ryman