Fall is here! Almost…

Submitted by Rodney Thoulion, Executive Director of Friends of City Park

Fall is a magical time in City Park!  There is so much going on: Fall Garden Festival, the Scarecrow Trail, and Ghosts in the Oaks – just to name a few of the premier events of City Park.  And how can we forget the Voodoo Music + Art Experience.

With the change of the weather, the falling leaves bring to mind the change of the seasons that reflect the changes in our own lives.

Many times sit in City Park and think about the memories of times in City Park that I have shared with loved ones who are no longer with me. I also often try to recreate what the Park must have been like for my grandparents and ancestors who were here many years ago.  I think of the many people who sacrificed themselves to build this Park for our enjoyment.

I look around and see the treasurers of the Park both old and new and wonder what our predecessors would think of City Park today.  When I look around I see a wonderful blend of a by-gone era peppered with new attractions that brings new life. The Stanley Ray Playground next to Popp Bandstand or Morning Call moving into the Casino Building (built in 1912) are great examples of this.

Life around City Park may slow with the Fall and Winder seasons, but it never quite dies.  There is always something going on  and something around the corner. We're so lucky to be here in this Park right now!