It’s raining in City Park - and the trees LOVE it!

It’s raining in New Orleans City Park. Which typically means less people are out in the Park enjoying themselves.

But there’s a silver lining to every dark cloud.

The rain is loved by the trees that call the Park home. Directly after a rainstorm, not only do the trees look lush and full with bright green color but the fern, which lives on the trees, transforms.

Resurrection Fern (Polypodium polypodioides Watt) is found growing on the trucks and branches of many of the Oaks in City Park. It gets its name ‘resurrection’ from the way the fern acts during weather patterns at the Park. If you visit the Park during a period with no rain, the fern will be brown and shriveled. It will appear to be dead.

But it's not dead!

Following a rain, that same fern will be green and lush climbing the Oaks’ mighty limbs. It is Louisiana’s only epiphytic fern. We think it certainly adds a special grace to the Oaks in the Park.

Have you noticed this transformation in the Park? We hope you will now. 

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