Keeping the Oak Trees Safe

With grant funding, bollards are being installed on the south side of Harrison Avenue
between Wisner and the roundabout.  The bollards will protect adjacent oaks by keeping
cars from parking on top of the tree roots.  We have built a small parking lot off
Harrison for patrons to use and encourage others to enter that area of the Park by
parking in the Pan American parking lot.

Tree Facts
* A mature tree absorbs 120 to 240 pounds of pollutants every year.

* The average person consumes about 386 pounds of oxygen per year. The average, healthy tree (say, a 32-foot ash tree) can produce about 260 pounds of oxygen annually. Two trees supply the oxygen needs of one person every year.

* If every American planted just one tree, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would be reduced by one billion pounds annually. This is nearly 5 percent of the amount that humans pump into the atmosphere every year.

* A mature bald cypress can absorb as much as 880 gallons of water in one day!