Mister Bingle arrives!

Every New Orleanian knows who Mister Bingle is, but do you know he spends at least 2 months of the year at New Orleans City Park's premier holiday event Celebration in the Oaks? He sure does! Since joining the Celebration in the Oaks family in 2005 Mister Bingle's been a huge part of the tradition and 2013 is no different. Mister Bingle arrived in style to the CITO warehouse.

You might notice he's looking good! He's had a bit of work done - a tummy tuck and face lift maybe? We're not telling! But in all seriousness, Mister Bingle did indeed get lots of TLC in his 'off season'.

Celebration in the Oaks staff then transferred him to a City Park truck to bring him into Carousel Gardens and his place of honor where everyone can see him come November 29, when the event opens to the public.

TA DA! He's here! But wait, he's missing his ice cream cone hat and holly wings!

Don't fret, the hat and wings are attached separately so they don't get damaged in transit.

The hat is placed on Mister Bingle with the help of a bucket truck. One staff member is in the basket of the bucket truck while another staff member is inside of the top of Mister Bingle's head in order to bolt the hat on Mister Bingle's head from the inside.

Next, the staff places Mister Bingle's holly wings in place. And ... drum roll please! Mister Bingle's ready to see his public!

When you visit Celebration in the Oaks be sure to stop by and see Mister Bingle. He loves his photo taken. As your group enters the Amusement Park, he's on the left side of the sidewalk just before the Who Dat tree. Feel free to post your photos with Mister Bingle on our Celebration in the Oaks Facebook page. You can also follow Mister Bingle on Twitter and Instagram. He's quite a character! But then again, he's from New Orleans so that's no surprise! Click here to buy tickets to Celebration in the Oaks. We'd love to see you there!