New Bike Racks at New Orleans City Park

With the help of a $50,536.90 grant from the Federal Highway Administration’s Recreational Trails Program through the Louisiana Office of State Parks, New Orleans City Park is working to upgrade its bicycle infrastructure to meet the recreational and transportation needs of the community. 

Bike parking has been installed in 15 locations throughout the Park with the capacity for over 100 bicycles. Visitors can bike to a wide number of locations, find secure parking for their bicycle, and then engage in a number of activities from visiting a playground or riding in a paddle boat to running around the practice track or exercising on the outdoor fitness equipment at the Festival Grounds. 

In addition to bike parking, a self-repair bike center featuring an industrial tire pump, repair stand, and tools is located at the entrance to Couturie Forest (1009 Harrison Avenue).

Currently, bike trails exist along Wisner and Robert E. Lee Boulevards, as well as the Harrison Avenue bike path that directly connects with this project. Additionally, a bike path for Marconi Avenue has been awarded funding from the Transportation Enhancements Program.  This project will greatly enhance the Park’s extensive bicycle trail system, facilitating greater community usage and opportunities for active transit. This project is slated to begin later this year.

WHAT THE’RE SAYING: “City Park has miles of beautiful bike roadways and trails. The new bike racks will allow bikers to explore the Park more fully,” said John Hopper, Chief Development Officer.

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