Something big is coming soon!

They are coming back! We’re talking about the tulips at Big Lake, of course!

New Orleans City Park staff spent January 12th planting 1000s of tulips bulbs around Big Lake. Their hard work is appreciated by all as it will take about a month and a half for the bulbs to bloom and then we’ll have a massive colorful flower bed.  What a way to welcome spring to New Orleans!
Over 40 types of tulips have been planted. Some of the names of the tulips are pretty interesting: Exotic Emperor, Happy Family, Pinocchio, Blushing Lady, Temple of Beauty, Early Glory, and more!
The tulips will only be in bloom for about 2 weeks. Visit them to brighten your day but be sure to not walk in the flower beds or pick any of the flowers.
New Orleans City Park is proud to be able to bring the simple joy of fresh colorful flowers to the patrons of the Park. We look forward to seeing all of your tulip themed photos posted to social media.