Spring Walk in City Park by Catherine Abel

Walking in City Park is one of my favorite activities. Whatever the season there’s always breathtaking sights and new discoveries. One of my favorite times to stroll through the park is in the Spring especially before the humidity comes rolling in covering the city in a blanket of constant, almost smothering heat. The transformation that takes place as Winter dissolves away is refreshing and almost shocking.

The oak trees in the Park are majestic. A signature feature of the Park, they stand out in all seasons but the spring is when they’re truly breathtaking, literally and figuratively depending on your allergies. In the spring the tree branches transform from nearly bare to exploding with small bright green leaves. It seems to happen all at once. One day, there is nothing noticeable about them, other than size, and then the next there are bits of bordering neon leaflets breaking through the brown gray that once covered the limbs. The trees not only brighten things up with their leaves, they also help break the winter blues with the songs of birds that find shelter in them. There are many days when the air is full of the songs of birds that are hopping from limb to limb in the trees and dancing along the ground. 
The trees aren’t the only thing that changes from winter to spring. The grass in the Park becomes like a plush carpet, begging bare feet to come and take a stroll and enjoy the warm sunlight on the lively blades. Flowers blooms help break up the shades of green that cover the Park. The tulips that pop up beside Big Lake provide a welcome breath of freshness to the eyes. Their colors are a sure sign that the seasons are changing. Though their time in bloom is brief, these flowers provide an opportunity to appreciate the change in seasons. Another welcomed and popular sight in the spring, are the fields of wildflowers. Their bright colors serve as a fantastic photo opportunity, just please remember to stay on the designated path so you don’t crush the flowers and everyone can enjoy them. This spring feature is my favorite place to walk. Strolling through these vibrant blooms always makes me slow down and take deep breaths. Stopping to smell the roses is important but taking a stroll through the wildflowers is just as important.
Everything brightens in the spring and the Park is no exception. Though it is a source of beautiful natural sights throughout the year, I believe no one can deny how special City Park is in Spring. So please, take a moment to walk and soak in the sights of Spring in New Orleans City Park.

-Written by Catherine Abel