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Photos with Santa at Celebration in the Oaks

Bring the kids! Or take a fun photo with the adults! Santa loves everyone!

Each night at Celebration in the Oaks through December 23, bring the kids (of any age!) to get their photos taken with Santa! Romaguera Photography takes the photos you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Santa is available each night of the week and Mrs. Claus joins Santa for photos on Friday and Saturday nights!


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First Annual City Park Employee Pumpkin Decorating Contest

This was the first year of the Annual City Park Employee Pumpkin Decorating Contest.

First place winner was the 'Cinderella Carriage' pumpkin submitted by the NOLA City Bark staff. 

Which is your favorite?

After the pumpkin fun, the employees enjoyed lunch, cake, and a spirited game of mini golf at City Putt! 

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Young Volunteers Make a Difference in City Park

Holy Cross brought 350 students to the Park today to work in Tad Gormley Stadium.  They did some horticulture work along with a large amount of painting.  The results were immediate and impressive.

Each year Holy Cross has a boys to men volunteer event where they pair eighth graders with twelfth graders.  The pairs work together and do some “bonding”. 

So let’s recap:...

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Look! A New AND Old Sculpture!

The Wave of the World originally debuted at the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans but this week is debuted at New Orleans City Park after many years forgotten in storage. The 17 feet high two-ton sculpture includes a water feature and is situated on the walking bath at The Big Lake.

While Lynda Benglis had alrady concieved the idea for the sculpture it came to life when the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition selected...

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City Park Hosts the International Visitor Leadership Program

An NOCDC photo

New Orleans City Park's CEO, Bob Becker, hosted a multi-regional "Parks & Protected Areas Management" International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) group on Friday August 28, 2015. The group visitied the United States though the New Orleans Diplomacy Council. 

Bob Becker discussed biodiversity conservation and environmental nonprofit management. 

New Orleans City Park was happy to host the group from New Orleans Citizen Diplomacy Council and we hope everyone left the...

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Katrina Anniversary Service Day

"Everybody can be great...becuase anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love." -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Katrina is a tragedy we will never forget. But we celebrate the human spirit. We have over 300 volunteers giving...

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Consider a donation to the Carousel

Say the name Beau Bassich or just think of him and I bet a smile comes to your face.  It is all but impossible to think of Beau without feeling good and being happy.  Beau always greeted me in the same manner:  “Hey Hoppaah.”  What was special was that he would then look me in the eye and convey that there was no one else in...

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City Park Dedicates a New Playground

Today, New Orleans City Park cut the ribbon on a new playground at the already popular Festival Grounds. Located between Christian Brothers School and the Reunion Shelter on Friedrichs Avenue, the playground sits inside a paved concrete circle. It is that circular shape that lent its geometric details to the playgrounds name: Sir Cumference.

The Sir Cumference playground includes climbing areas, monkey bars, a slide, balance beams, and musical instruments for kids...

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New Bike Racks at New Orleans City Park

With the help of a $50,536.90 grant from the Federal Highway Administration’s Recreational Trails Program through the Louisiana Office of State Parks, New Orleans City Park is working to upgrade its bicycle infrastructure to meet the recreational and transportation needs of the community. 

Bike parking has been installed in 15 locations throughout the Park with the capacity for over 100 bicycles. Visitors can bike to a wide number of locations, find secure...

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What’s With the Marconi Bridge in City Park?

Irises painted on the railroad overpass on Marconi Drive have faded, but the railroad company has painted part of the bridge, mostly to warn trucks that are too tall to clear the structure.

This post originally was posted here.


Hey Blake,

The old train overpass on Marconi Drive used to have beautiful irises painted on it. Now they are faded and there's graffiti and big gray squares of paint. Who painted the original bridge and can they do it again?

Sara Schnell

Dear Sara,

  You're not alone in your curiosity about...

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Throw Back Thursday #TBT

Carousel in 1906

Facts about the Carousel in New Orleans City Park:

The Carousel is often called the ‘Flying Horses’ by New Orleans locals.

The Carousel is the oldest ride in the Hines Carousel Gardens Amusement park. It dates back to 1906 but some of the animal figures date back to 1885.

The Carousel was originally located on a track of land along City Park Avenue. The Carousel was moved to...

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A Shade Story :: The New Orleans Botanical Garden

Travel around New Orleans City Park this summer and you’ll be looking for some shade to rest underneath. At the New Orleans Botanical Garden – they deliver shade!

The raised beds in the Southern Shade Garden is beauty in motion with shade loving plants such as Hydrangeas, Azaleas, numerous species of ferns and several shade loving groundcovers. Tree Ferns (Cyathea cooperii), with their spreading fronds, make striking architectural focal points...

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A New Playground in City Park

Play, play, play………

The new Sir Cumference playground had a soft opening today at the Park.  Like a fresh pizza coming out of the oven, it didn’t take long for kids to find it.  You can’t see it in the picture above, but the playground also sports some really fun musical instruments (think chimes and marimbas).

The playground is geared to...

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DirectTV Volunteers Today in New Orleans City Park

We rely on volunteers like you to keep the park looking great.

City Park is a New Orleans treasure. For more than 150 years, the park has served as a natural sanctuary for New Orleanians – a place to escape from city life without ever leaving home. With more than 1,300 acres, it is also one of the largest urban parks in the U.S.

But a great urban park doesn't...

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Katrina +10: A Park Remembers : Photo Boards at Big Lake

A true success story, the Park has not only rebuilt what was damaged in hurricane Katrina, but has built a better and stronger Park.

On Tuesday, June 23, 2015, the Park will host a media event unveiling 15 large photo boards at Big Lake, showing photos of Katrina damaged areas of the Park and those same areas of the Park as they are now: renewed. The photo boards will stay at Big Lake through September 2015....

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It’s Earth Day at City Park!

Earth Day at the New Orleans Botanical Garden promises to be a great event! The event will bring live music, educational lectures, and of course delicious food, to City Park. This celebration promises: -Guidance on living a sustainable way of life: 25 local businesses and non-profit organizations that contribute to a greener way of life will have booths and will welcome questions. Whether it is growing food, food preservation, solar energy, natural products, composting, or...

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Take a Morning Walk in the Park Sunlight and Better Your Metabolism

This is a reblog. The original article can be found by clicking here. 

Sunlight and weight loss:

Getting up for a sunrise walk can help you lose weight — but it isn't just the walking that makes the difference. Earlier this year, researchers at Northwestern University revealed that exposure to morning light can help as well. Light exposure probably plays a role in regulating metabolism, much in the...

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Thanks Tulane University! We LOVE our volunteers!

New Orleans City Park is grateful to the staff of Tulane University for once again volunteering in the Park. This annual day of service with Tulane University staff will include 180 volunteers. Volunteers will be removing invasive tree species on Scout Island and working to improve trails on Scout Island. Scout Island is the perfect place to escape from the city without ever leaving town. Combined with Couturie Forest, the 60-acres are a nature-lover&rsquo...

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Spring time at City Park!

Join your City Park family for fun every day of the spring season! Use #iheartcitypark when you post about all the fun you’re having!

The Ladybug Roller Coaster is back in City Park! Visit Carousel Gardens to ride! We know you’ll love it!

Visit the Grow Dat Farm Stand each Saturday morning from 9am till noon.  While there you can take an Education Tour of...

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Wordless Wednesday

This photo was taken by City Parker, Todd Norman. These tulips are at Big Lake - don't miss seeing them while they are in full bloom! 

Remember when they were planted in mid-January? Check out the before picture by clicking here.

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Date Night at City Putt

What a success!

Date Night at City Putt on February 13 was so much for for everyone who attended! There were treats and roses and trinkets for everyone who came to Date Night. Plus we took cute photos of you and your date. See some of those photos by clicking on the link on this page.

Weren't able to make the event? Don't worry! We're going to host...

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Join City Park: Spring Opening of Carousel Gardens Amusement Park, Opening of the New Ladybug Roller

So much happening this month!

Welcome the spring season to City Park with a trip to Carousel Gardens Amusement Park. Carousel Gardens Amusement Park is fun for all ages! The Amusement Park features 2 cafés and 17 rides guaranteed to put a smile on your face, including the Park’s namesake antique wooden carousel.

PLUS! The much awaited Ladybug Roller Coaster is back in City Park. The coaster was...

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What are your plans for 2015, City Park?

There is a lot going on at City Park and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the changes and improvements.

We have repaired most hurricane damage, but we are also building a better park in concert with the Park’s Master Plan – City Park 2018. We’ve put the following list together to help you keep track of Park progress.  

What have you...

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Do you see the tulips? You will see them SOON!

Today, City Park staff, including Charlsie, Dillon, and Dan, planted 12,000 tulips on the bank of Big Lake.

Yep, you read that correctly - 12,000! 

We’ll all be thanking them in a couple of months when a stretch of the path (near NOLA, between the lake and Lelong) is in FULL bloom.  Soon you'll be able to walk the Zemurray Trail around Big Lake and it'...

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New Orleans’ Only High Ropes Challenge Course Open to the Public for One Day

On Monday, January 19th, Friends of the Louisiana Outdoors Outreach Program (Friends of LOOP) will be hosting a community climbing day on “New Orleans’ only High Ropes Challenge Course.” 

Located in New Orleans City Park, the Challenge Course has helped school groups and community organizations increase team cohesion and safely strengthen participants’ confidence. In 2015, Friends of LOOP will be expanding its climbing schedule, and we encourage your...

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