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14,000 tulips have bloomed at Big Lake in New Orleans City Park.

They're blooming!

14,000 tulips have bloomed at Big Lake in New Orleans City Park. Planted in mid-January 2019, the flowers started blooming last week and are in full bloom now. The City Park Horticulture Department plants each bulb by hand with great care and it takes the team of six over 20 hours from start to finish.

New this year: We redesigned the ropes between the blooms and the public. Now you...

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Something big is coming soon!

They are coming back! We’re talking about the tulips at Big Lake, of course!

New Orleans City Park staff spent January 12th planting 1000s of tulips bulbs around Big Lake. Their hard work is appreciated by all as it will take about a month and a half for the bulbs to bloom and then we’ll have a massive colorful flower bed.  What a way to welcome spring...

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Look! A New AND Old Sculpture!

The Wave of the World originally debuted at the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans but this week is debuted at New Orleans City Park after many years forgotten in storage. The 17 feet high two-ton sculpture includes a water feature and is situated on the walking bath at The Big Lake.

While Lynda Benglis had alrady concieved the idea for the sculpture it came to life when the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition selected...

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Katrina +10: A Park Remembers : Photo Boards at Big Lake

A true success story, the Park has not only rebuilt what was damaged in hurricane Katrina, but has built a better and stronger Park.

On Tuesday, June 23, 2015, the Park will host a media event unveiling 15 large photo boards at Big Lake, showing photos of Katrina damaged areas of the Park and those same areas of the Park as they are now: renewed. The photo boards will stay at Big Lake through September 2015....

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Wordless Wednesday

This photo was taken by City Parker, Todd Norman. These tulips are at Big Lake - don't miss seeing them while they are in full bloom! 

Remember when they were planted in mid-January? Check out the before picture by clicking here.

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Do you see the tulips? You will see them SOON!

Today, City Park staff, including Charlsie, Dillon, and Dan, planted 12,000 tulips on the bank of Big Lake.

Yep, you read that correctly - 12,000! 

We’ll all be thanking them in a couple of months when a stretch of the path (near NOLA, between the lake and Lelong) is in FULL bloom.  Soon you'll be able to walk the Zemurray Trail around Big Lake and it'...

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Work up a sweat in City Park!

There’s no prettier place in New Orleans to get fit than City Park. With a gorgeous landscape designed for walkers, runners and bikers, your workout doesn’t feel like work at all when you hit the scenic paths around the park. 

Be sure to check out the two Fitness Zones in the Park:

The first is near the corner of Golf Drive and Freidricks Avenue located...

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I ask you…what’s in bloom in City Park?

Azaleas in the Botanical Garden

What's in bloom in City Park, you ask? 

So many flowers, flowers, and more flowers! Spring is here and I'm sure you join me in being excited about that! Everywhere you turn in City Park you'll see and smell a variety of blossoms. 

A great place to visit to see colorful flowers is the New Orleans Botanical Garden. Click this link to get a taste...

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City Park’s the treasure at the end of the rainbow

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Brown Pelicans are back in City Park for the cooler months

We're entering the chilly (kind of) months in City Park & you know what that means...the Brown Pelicans will call City Park home for a few months. Two were spotted in the past week (7 days). One was seen near the Administration building and a second on Big Lake [pictured here]. If you're looking for the Brown Pelicans there are 3 known places in the Park that the birds apparently like fishing or...

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Sunsets at the Park are incredible!

Sunsets are usually a wonderful site at the Park, but the one on October 19, 2013 was certainly a memorable one. Doesn't Big Lake look incredible?! We think so, too! This photo was sent to us via Twitter. If you'd like to follow us on Twitter, our handle is @NOLACityPark. Send us your photos - we love seeing them!

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