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48 Hours of Birding (and Other Things): New Orleans

City Park. Photo: Rebecca Ratliff/Dreamstime

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Laid-back birding in this urban gem gives "The Big Easy" a new meaning.    

By Karl Mechem April 01, 2016 Popular Stories

New Orleans is known for a lot of things—great food, mild debauchery, streetcars named “Desire”—but it has yet to...

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Birding in City Park Rocks!

There is a reason that Birder's World Magazine has named City Park as the best birding spot in New Orleans. Whether you are a novice birder or have been birding for years, come and enjoy the feathered friends of the Park. Everyone enjoys feeding the geese & ducks, watching the graceful swans, and listening to the song-birds - but there are hundreds of types of birds either calling City Park home or passing...

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