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Katrina +10: A Park Remembers : Photo Boards at Big Lake

A true success story, the Park has not only rebuilt what was damaged in hurricane Katrina, but has built a better and stronger Park.

On Tuesday, June 23, 2015, the Park will host a media event unveiling 15 large photo boards at Big Lake, showing photos of Katrina damaged areas of the Park and those same areas of the Park as they are now: renewed. The photo boards will stay at Big Lake through September 2015....

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A few light-hearted highlights from the CPIA Board Minutes from 1891-1899

As some of you may know, our City Park Imrpovement Association Board minutes go back to 1891. Historically, they have been written in great detail. We are –slowly- going through the minutes in order to post highlights on our website timeline. With the help of four Tulane students we will soon be adding four more decades to the website timeline.

Below please find a few light-hearted highlights from 1891-1899:


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President’s Awards: given to deserving members of the New Orleans City Park family

Each year, as the year and tenure of the current CPIA Board Presidential term ends, the President's Awards are given out to deserving members of the New Orleans City Park family. This year’s deserving winners are:  

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