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What’s With the Marconi Bridge in City Park?

Irises painted on the railroad overpass on Marconi Drive have faded, but the railroad company has painted part of the bridge, mostly to warn trucks that are too tall to clear the structure.

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Hey Blake,

The old train overpass on Marconi Drive used to have beautiful irises painted on it. Now they are faded and there's graffiti and big gray squares of paint. Who painted the original bridge and can they do it again?

Sara Schnell

Dear Sara,

  You're not alone in your curiosity about...

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A New 100-foot Pedestrian Bridge in City Park

On Thursday, July 31, 2014, a 100-foot pedestrian bridge was installed between the Volunteer Center and Couturie Forest at 1009 Harrison Avenue.

The bridge arrived on semitrailers in two 50-foot sections.  It was off-loaded by a large crane and then bolted together to form one 100-foot long bridge.  The crane then hoisted the bridge over the lagoon and the ends were secured to the previously installed footings.  (Guys and machinery are involved...

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A lil’ history for the day…Built in 1902, this is the Pichot Stone Bridge…

Pichot Stone Bridge

Built in 1902, this is the Pichot Stone Bridge. This rough-hewn cobblestone bridge was dedicated in the memory of Henrietta M. Leonie Pichot for her gift of $192.00 in 1901 to City Park. Looking for it in modern day City Park? Coming down Dreyfous, it's on your right before you cross Anseman Avenue. It leads to a tiny peninsula of land overlooking Bayou Metairie. There is water underneath this bridge only sometimes (depending on how high...

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