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Thank you to Shell and Batture LLC for the help!

Water Hyacinth

Donor Highlight: Thank you to Shell and Batture LLC for helping us keep our waterways healthy during the pandemic. Their support has allowed the Park to keep up with the removal of water hyacinth, an invasive plant, from our lagoon systems. 

These efforts intended to complement and advance the goals of City Park's comprehensive water management plan by targeting and inhibiting invasive water hyacinth growth. This will...

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The Hyams Fountain in City Park is a special part of the Park

Have you noticed the Hyams Fountain as you walked down Victory Drive or into the main entrance of Carousel Gardens? Like so many special pieces in the Park, this fountain has a story. New Orleans philanthropist, Sara Lavinia Hyams, died in 1914, bequeathing her jewelry collection, valued at $30,000, to be sold and the profits used to construct a fountain in both Audubon Park and New Orleans City Park, for the children of the city. The...

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